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Pick of the Bunch- Liverpool Pizza

Pick of the Bunch- My top 3 Pizza Places in Liverpool

I'd be lying if I say I liked pizza. In reality, I am obsessed with pizza, I worship it. I have sleepless nights dreaming about stringy cheese and crispy pepperoni. I'm not fussy either. I'll have posh pizza with expensive toppings and I'll eat it with a glass of equally expensive wine and (sorry, not sorry) a knife and fork. OR (more commonly) I'll shove it into my face at 5am in the back of a taxi, order one in my pyjamas after a big night out or slide one into the oven when I get home from a busy day in work.

 My idea of a balanced buffet.

Fortunately, Liverpool has a pizza place for every occasion but for now- here's my 3 faves:

1.  American Pizza Slice

I've been eating American Pizza Slice since I was a teenager hanging around town on a weekend. It's fast if you're short on time as the super thin, super massive slices get heated up on a little conveyor belt right before your eyes. Wanting something bigger? You can have an 18" , 8 slice pizza and choose a different topping for each slice. An absolute revelation for indecisive menu choosers like myself. All time favourite slice- salami and caramelised onion.  

Car Pizza.

Grab a slice from 3 different locations or get one delivered to your bed:  http://www.americanpizzaslice.co.uk/pizza-delivery-liverpool

2. Crust

Crust make proper pizza with fresh dough that comes with an option of  wholegrain, organic or charcoal if you're feeling fancy! This is pizza that manages to taste nutritious and naughty all at the same time. Sweet tomato sauce is dotted with chunks of fresh fior di latte, mozzarella and basil. Choose from an original choice of Italian flavours and ingredients such as spicy salami, nduja sausaga and porchetta- crispy pork. I should also mention I once won a week of free pizza from here- it was the best week of my life.

Book a Bold St Table: http://crustliverpool.co.uk/

3. TriBeCa

A New-York inspired casual bar and pizzeria. TriBeCa is cheep, cheerful and delicious and there is an absolutely mah-oo-sive menu to choose from and all for around a tenner each! TriBeCa also do a huge range of drinks and cocktails so it's the perfect place for meeting friends. Treat Yo' Self.

Special Mentions

THIS spectacular pizza from Lento. They used to be based in the Botanical Garden and now all pizza I eat has to compare itself with this asparagus and wild garlic beauty.

Not exactly a pizza restaurant but Salt House Bacaro do a selection of small plates including these mini pizzettes! I was converted after this little pork and onion bad boy.

Know somewhere with even better pizza? Let me know!

EL x


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