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Review- Big Bowl Noodle Bar

On Tuesday my friends and I FINALLY managed to arrange a catch-up meal without one of us cancelling. We didn’t want anywhere fussy (requiring booking) so decided to pop in for some Chinese food after work. Lucky for us, we ended up at Big Bowl.

We started with some Ice Teas and a Watermelon Cooler before settling down to peruse the menu.

Big Bowls, Big Menus

Leave your mark on the tables

Not one to miss out on a starter, I persuaded (forced) my pals to share with me and we ordered a selection of Salt and Pepper Squid, Prawn Toast and Spring Rolls. All of which were cheap (£3 for spring rolls!) and really tasty.

Bargain Spring Rolls
Easily my favourite bit- so soft!

Not ordering Prawn Toast is a sin.

As usual my eyes were much bigger than my belly and I ordered the 'Big Bowl Rice' for my main course. Despite the name of the restaurant, what proceeded to arrive before me was a bowl no less than the size of a FRUIT BOWL. I am honestly not exaggerating when I say it could have fed the three of us alone. 

Man vs Food sized Challenge

Sticky hoisin soaked fried rice topped with a range of meats including crispy chicken breast, duck legs and Char Sui pork. In the middle some wok fried greens (for health) and the crowning glory of a fried egg.  I was a little disappointed my egg wasn’t very runny as cutting into an egg is pretty much my top thing in life. The rest of it however was lovely.

'I didn't know the bowls would be this big'- my mate.

The waiter kindly gave me a box to pile up my leftovers but even once full the bowl had barely been dented. Clearly not full enough already, we also had an equally enormous plate of Pork Chop Chow Mein (good) and some crispy duck and pancakes (so so good).

Duckin' Delicious

Pork Chop Chow Mein
The service was fast but friendly and the waiters seemed to know almost everybody that walked in or past the restaurant! Clearly Big Bowl has a cult following and with food this good, at these prices, in portions this big- I can see why.

We eventually wobbled back to the car feeling a good combination of satisfied and sick and went home for a lie down. If that’s not a sign of a good meal then I don’t know what is!

Get involved-

Big Bowl Noodle Bar- Berry Street


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