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5 Reasons to love the LFDF

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival-
September 15th & 16th 2017

September is a tough time for us teachers, after a summer of 9am lie-ins, being able to wee whenever we want and watching hour upon hour of Jamie Oliver/Judge Judy/Jeremy Kyle (delete as applicable) going to back to work can be exhausting. There is, however, one shining light that keeps me going through the bleary start to each new school term, one tasty beacon of hope- the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival.

Every September we don our muddiest boots, our rain macs and our sunglasses (classic Liverpool weather attire) and head in to the park to eat ourselves silly, drink before midday and catch up with our friends. This year the festival will be turning 10 years old (baby!) so here's 5 reasons why I think you should go.

1. The Food

Duh. If, like me, you can never decide what to eat because you want to eat EVERYTHING, now's your chance. Row upon row of the city's best eateries, chains, independents, cafe's and fine diners come together, each serving a taster menu of their best stuff. Design your own special menu. Try those fries with that burger. Have that for dessert then decide you need a pizza. You're in charge. Now's also the time to try places you've never been before without committing to a full meal. New kids on the block such as Chicha, Pho and Caribou Poutine will be there as well of loads of places you may never have tried and can't get in town like The Cookie Dough Company. Come hungry.

Nolita Cantina Sliders

Viva Brazil sell meat on a stick.



2. The Drinks

If you're more interested in the liquid side of life then DON'T PANIC, that'll be sorted for you as well. Take your pick & drink from some of Liverpool's best bars like Red Door and Roxy Ball Room, get yourself an instagram-worthy cocktail from The Alchemist or buy a bottle of the good stuff from Liverpool Gin. Honestly, it's the best. 

3. The Music

Full to the brim with food and carrying a drink in each hand, you'll need some entertainment. There is always incredible music on throughout the day and into the evening- you'll be able to hear it to find it but if not it's usually in a big white tent in the middle! Squeeze on to a bench with some strangers, say hello & settle in. Bring your kids, your mum, your great nan- e'rrrrrrybody gets involved with the dancing. 

4. The Stalls

Perhaps my mothers favourite part of the festival, LFDF is home to loads of cute little stalls offering up loads of stuff that you didn't even know you wanted but you HAVE to buy. Think 'garlic grating plate' or 'magic whisk' (yes I obviously bought both of those items). Most of the food & drinks stalls will even give you a little sample of their products whether that be marshmallows, curry sauce, cheese, pickles or vodka (you can get a little drunk this way).  Bring a bag and fill it up with some amazing home-made food to eat when you're hungover in the morning. My firm favourites are Little Jack Horner's (for sausage rolls), The Cheshire Cheese Company & The Real Thai Pie Company (I stock my freezer every year with their red thai curry pie!). 

Hangover cake.

Who doesn't need marshmallow vodka?

5. The Chefs

This part is strictly for food geeks only. This is for those of us that idolise chefs over musicians, restaurateurs over actors and Adam Richmond over Adam... Sandler? Each year LFDF invite some of the best down to the festival to put on a cooking demo. Past faces have included the likes of Tom Kerridge, Gino D'Acampo as well as local heroes like Aiden Byrne and Nisha Katona. With it being the 10th anniversay this year we'll see The Hairy Bikers, Simon Rimmer, Paul Askew and Gary Usher take the stage whilst Gizzi Erskine cooks up a banquet in the park entitled 'Beauty and the Feast'. 


Tom K

Levi Roots

If none of that whets your appetite, well, I think you're on the wrong blog!
You can buy tickets on the website or just show up on the day.
See you there!


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