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Locabo Launch

Locabo Launch @ Pinch

*Since posting this review, sadly Locabo are no longer operating*

As a born and bred Scouse girl, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting things coming in to the city so I was chuffed to be invited to to launch of an intriguing new app called Locabo. On Wednesday night, we headed over to Pinch on Castle Street to find out what it was all about.

The App
Dreamt up by two lovely Kirby lads, this Liverpool-based app shows you the best offers & events happening around the city & uses location services to give you a message when something exciting is happening near you. Clever ey? 

You can choose what you want to see and decide whether you're interested in  'offers' or 'opportunities' and save your favourites to a dashboard so you don't forget the good stuff. (Opportunities is deffo the exciting bit for me!)

Although the app is still in the early stages, I found some really good offers on food and drinks as I was scrolling that I would otherwise know nothing about -perfect if you're strolling through town looking for a bite to eat on your lunch hour. 

The idea of the app is that fun places around town will start putting on events (think: spontaneous cocktail making, live music, beanbags overlooking the mersey) and you'll get a notification to tell you it's happening. Good for somebody like me who has major FOMO and can't bear missing out on anything fun! 

The Venue

Based on the infinitely classy Castle Street, Pinch is a cosy and intimate bar serving up brunch, lunch, small plates and signature cocktails. We tried a selection of their food including the Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Hummus, Calamari and Wedges. It was all really tasty (I'm pretty sure I polished off the wedges single-handedly) but I was most impressed by the cocktails. With the help of the lovely bartender Callum, we made ourselves two of their signature cocktails.

Cape Town Martini (Gin, Apricot Liquor, Pineapple Juice & Raspberry Syrup) 

Sling of 16 (Gin, Apricot and Peach Liquor, Triple Sec, Grenedine, Pineapple and Lime)

They also do my fave- Liverpool Gin! (They do drinks that don't have gin in too! honestly!)

The Launch

Prosecco pong, a selfie-booth & a cocktail making masterclass- a Scousebird holy trinity. We had loads of fun trying out the types of event that Locabo are going to be pushing on their app. Turns out I'm a natural at prosecco pong- who knew? The cocktail making? Not so much.

Find out more about Locabo and get some serious food envy by following them on Twitter or Instagram or download the app from the app store and see for yourself!

Anything that is going to make Liverpool a more exciting
city to be in gets a thumbs up from me.

EL x


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