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National Burger Day- The Liverpool Burger Awards

National Burger Day 2017

Hip Hip Hooray- it's #NationalBurgerDay today here in the UK and although I'm not sure how legit this event actually is, I love any excuse for a celebration. Especially one that includes a burger.

I've never met a burger I didn't like. Here in Liverpool we are spoilt for choice- there's a burger for every mood, hangover, diet or craving and they get bigger, weirder and tastier by the day.

I've taken one for the team here and spent hours trawling the murky depths of Instagram to bring you my Pick of Liverpool's best offerings. 

Best #NationalBurgerDay Special

The award goes to.....

Slims Pork Chop Express! Always delicious, the guys and gals at SPCE have outdone themselves with this monster created specially for the occasion- how thoughtful! 

Burger details- 'The Three Storms' -bun, sriracha mayo, slaw, beef patty, pulled pork, breaded chicken and a whole lotta' cheese. 

Best Classic Burger

The award goes to.....

Free State Kitchen. FSK are the place to go for a proper, classic, American hamburger. Really tasty, the only place where I've ever (willingly) eaten mustard and bonus points awarded for having a strong bun game (crucial for stability) and good fries.

Burger details- 'The American Cheeseburger'- juicy beef patty, brioche bun, fresh onion, cheese, mustard & ketchup.

Best Mad Burgers

The award goes to.... 

Almost Famous! You probably won't be surprised to see that AF took the crown for this one. Serving up absolutely insane burgers all year long, Almost Famous manage to create a towering burger behemoth for every occasion that never compromises on taste or flavour. In a strange turn of events they've stripped it back for their #NationalBurgerDay special and are just serving a simple, classic burger. Definitely worth a try!  My Favourite is ALWAYS the River Phoenix.

Burger Details- 'The River Phoenix'- cheese, bacon, shoestring onions, red chillies, BBQ sauce, bacon mayo, ketchup and FRAZZLES. 

Best Chicken Burger

The award goes to.... 

Koop! If you're all-beefed-out and looking for something a little lighter (and crispier) then a chicken burger is the way to go. For chicken look no further than Koop- chicken experts of Bold Street and Aigburth. Don't you dare go without getting a side of halloumi nuggets for good measure.

Burger Details- 'The Liver Bird'- pulled chicken, lettuce & BBQ Sauce.

(Runner up- I LOVED this chicken & gravy burger from Nolita Cantina but appears to be taken off the menu! Gutted!)

Best Meat-Free Offering

The award goes to... 

Down the Hatch! Liverpool newbies Down the Hatch are taking the 'healthy' out of 'vegetarian' and allowing the veggies & vegans of the city to feast on junk food just like the rest of us. Enough to turn even the biggest carnivore (nearly).

Burger details- 'The Incredible Bulk'-seeded bun, black bean burger, hash brown, fried egg, onion ring, cheese & lettuce.


So there it is! The Eat Liverpool Burger Awards 2017.
Know somewhere else that should have been on my list? PLEASE let me know. You can never have enough burger joints in my opinion.

& Remember- if it doesn't run down your chin/face/arm when you eat it then it ain't a good burger. That's just science.

EL x

Psssttt.. These places are doing specials on burgers!

BrewDog 241 on Burgers

20% off the Italian Burger at Olive

241 Burgers at Ma Boyles

For 20% off at the bigger chains check out the National Burger Day website and put the Liverpool post code in  on the map!


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