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An Evening at Alma de Cuba

Alma de Cuba

Alma de Cuba is a Liverpool nightlife institution and somewhere I always want to go to yet never do. I imagine the main reason for this is because I'm usually dressed like a scruffy teenager (the best night outs happen in jeans, in my opinion) and the stunning interiors of Alma are simply no place for my beloved but battered Adidas Superstars.
In light of this, I was super excited to be invited down to the Alma bloggers event to get to know the place a little better and try out their new menu.

Set inside the former St Peter's Catholic Church, Alma boats some of the most impressive (and instagrammable) décor in Liverpool. Enormous stained glass windows slot in effortlessly in to the brick, dripping wax candles flicker in the dark corners and the impossibly high ceilings boast religious murals, wooden beams and imposing chandeliers.

Greeted with a glass of Prosecco, we took ourselves on a little tour around the bar area which was crammed full of  hidden corners and candle-lit alcoves- perfect for an evening of revelry or romance (depending on who you're with). Most impressive was the stage area at the end of the building. Lined with enormous pillars and palm tees- the stage is where Alma comes to life- but more on that later.

After a drink we were led up the stairs to our table. The restaurant of Alma de Cuba sits on a huge mezzanine area overlooking the bar below so you can enjoy your meal in a quieter setting whilst not missing out on any of the people watching opportunities on the ground floor. Our table was set out with glasses, our names and some lovely little gift bags containing vouchers, a quiz, and some sweets- a lovely touch! 

I ordered a Martini from the cocktail list and spent some time debating what to order. Eventually I settled on the Sautéed Shrimp and Garlic Pincho for my starter. Prawn skewers served with a spicy butter with salad and some sort of pickled onions. The prawns were lovely but I think this dish could do with some sort of bread to soak up all the juices! Most of the girls ordered the Sweet Potato and Chorizo Croquettes which went down a storm and looked fantastic!

(Side note- the dark and sumptious surroundings of Alma de Cuba may be the perfect conditions for dining but they were certainly no match for my photography skills. I can only apologise for my rubbish attempt at food-in-the-dark pics!)

My main course was great- Chargrilled Grain Fed Argentinian Sirloin Steak. The title is quite a mouthful and the dish was too. I can happily report it was perfectly cooked- pink and juicy and medium rare just as it should be. It came with a crispy sweet corn fritter, chimichurri, sweet potato fries and an amazing chipotle butter which melted on top of everything. Would reccommend!

I couldn't squeeze in a dessert this time- note to self: do not wear a tight dress to an event that involves eating. However there were definitely a few on the list that took my fancy including a Dulce de Leche and Columbian cocoa tart as well as a Pina Colada cheesecake and Key Lime Pie. The food was really good quality if a little pricey- it wouldn't put me off going back though and I'd definitely recommend it for special occasions or date night!

The best part of the night was finding out about the events that Alma de Cuba host each week. Disclaimer- there are LOADS. If you're up for a good night regardless what day of the week it is then Tuesday nights are Open Mic Night. It was so relaxing having talented local singers and songwriters as the backing track to our evening. Thursdays host a live band and late night DJ whilst Friday and Saturday's welcome in the Carnival atmosphere with samba dancers, drums and DJ's until late. If you're there at 11 you'll even be showered in petals! Fancy!

If you're after a more relaxed kind of vibe then Saturdays are for Samba Afternoon Tea and Sundays you can have your brunch with a gospel choir- enough positive energy to cure any hangover.

It was a fantastic evening in a beautiful venue and I would 100% go back! Next time I go out just remind me to leave my trainers at home...

EL x

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