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Food and Drink Festival- What We Ate

The Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Haul

As you may well imagine (being a Liverpool food blogger 'n all), the Liverpool Food and Drink Fest is one of my favourite days of the Scouse event calendar. You may have seen my post chronicling some of the reasons why I like it so much- and this year certainly lived up to my incessant hype (phew!). 

Starting off early doors (pre-12) on Saturday, we eased ourselves slowly in to the morning with a syringe shot from The Alchemist Stand. 
Feeling rum hit your stomach before breakfast is not as fun as it sounds when you're on the wrong side of your mid-twenties so we quickly went in search of food and stumbled straight towards my new favourite people- Caribou Poutine.

One of those places that's been eternally on my 'to eat' list but never quite hitting the top of the pile- Caribou sell the Canadian classic dish -Poutine made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Too many dodgy student nights slurping gravy out of a polystyrene container in the back of the taxi had somewhat tarnished the idea of cheesey chips for me, but boy, was I wrong. The chips were sensational. I would have happily eaten them on their own. But these were topped with the creamiest cheesey bites (like a super soft mozzarella) and a rich meaty gravy. I'm furious with myself for not going sooner.

After a quick Pimms-related pit-stop we went in search of something sweet and found ourselves at Cafe Cannoli. I've never had one before but I'm a not-so-secret super fan of Buddy Valastro (of Cake Boss fame) so whipped out my best 'New Yoik' accent and ordered myself a pistachio one. Sweet, crisp pastry filled with velvet-soft pistachio cream- an absolute dream boat.
After the sugar overload it was back on to Mission:Savoury. Like most Scousers, I can't say no to a bit of salt and pepper Sui Mai so we picked up a tub along with a pint from The Handyman and went for a walk in the sunshine. 
We saw a crowd forming over in the Izakaya garden over X Factor contestant Anthony Russell who was performing so pulled up a pew and a Pork Belly Bao and settled down to watch the show. It was probably the Scousest performance I've ever seen- at one point he stopped in the middle and shouted 'Alright Mike, Lad!' at his mate. Incredible.

Next up- The Workshop. I've spent many an evening admiring their gorgeous Insta-worthy small plates so this was the perfect opportunity to see if it tasted as good as it looked. (It did). I ordered a plate of Pigs Head Croquettes with a sharp and tangy pineapple chutney on the side- the perfect partner for the rich, meaty cubes. All the small plates came with a free glass of wine too so I doubt they got many complaints.

Pinot in hand, we went for a shop around the stalls picking up some incredible Red Thai Pies for the freezer from The Real Thai Pie Company as well as some cookies and Smores from Thomas Cookie Co

Full to the brim we headed for home for a nap, just stopping for a little extra sui mai and some Cookie Dough on the way.

See you in April!
EL x


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