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Sunday Brunch at The Tavern Company

The other week I was walking along the road, minding my own business when a leaf (an ORANGE leaf) fell gracefully on to my head. This is it. It's happening. The days of sweaty summer nights, lobster-red shoulders and sticky sun-cream hands are a thing of the past. Make way for rainy mornings, cosy evenings, apples pies and (most importantly) piling on the winter pounds.

Speaking of extra poundage- I started on my Christmas bod a little early this year. Waking up on a Sunday morning with the pouring rain hammering on your window is one of life's greatest pleasures- I'm sure of that. But dragging yourself out from your duvet is always worth it for a good breakfast and if you want The Nations Best Breakfast then it's a case of the early bird getting the bacon.
The Tavern Company on Smithdown Road is actually a Tex-Mex BBQ Joint by nature but has found itself with a cult brunch following, favoured by locals and tourists alike. The interiors are dark, moody and comforting with balconies, booths and back-rooms-perfect for wet mornings and intimate evenings.
The Brunch Menu is enormous. It is genuinely HUGE. Probably the biggest breakfast menu I've seen which, if anything, shows their dedication to the best meal
of the day. We perused the menu whilst sipping on bottomless tea and coffee (refills are free) and ultimately decided on the same thing we get every time. Anyone else do that?
The Tavern Co award winning breakfast is actually the Full English. Laden with the classics (Lincolnshire sausages,  rashers of bacon, fried egg, black pudding, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans and toast) this plate has won the title of The Nation's Best Breakfast two years running.
However, it would be an absolute sham not to order some of their pancakes so I settled on the best of both worlds and ordered The American Breakfast.
Bacon, beans, crispy potato cubes,runny fried eggs and buttery toast with a side order of the fluffiest pancake! You heard right. A breakfast side order. Let's make this happen more.
As always, it was delicious and we munched away for hours, drowning ourselves in hot beverages and quizzing each other with the 80's Trivial Pursuit cards until the rain stopped. 
If you're looking for the Best Liverpool Breakfast then here is where you'll find it. Just make sure you have room in your Sunday schedule for a nap because honestly, you'll need one. 

EL x


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