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Am I a Coffee Expert? Well, no.

Coffee Tasting at Coffee and Fandisha

I love the smell of coffee and the idea of coffee but when it comes to drinking it I'm your basic annoying decaf-soy-vanilla type of girl. With that in mind, when the opportunity came up for me to attend a Coffee Tasting workshop at the beautiful Coffee and Fandisha I was excited to see whether I had what it took to be a full-time coffee taster. (I'll give you a heads up- I don't).

Another event set up by the lovely Locabo team, this was just the sort of mid-week treat that would perk anybody up. Our hosts were the lovely Neighbourhood Coffee, Liverpool's own expert coffee roasters and they were on hand throughout the night to give us tips and tricks for tasting coffee like a pro.

After Ed talked us through the beginnings of the company, the lovely Katy showed us how the professionals drink their coffee- it's called cupping and yes, it's as strange as it sounds.

After soaking the coffee beans in hot water from some sort of weird looking kettle, a hard crust forms on the top which you then break through to taste the coffee underneath. I possibly should have paid more attention to this part as that wasn't the best explanation but I did say I wasn't very good at it, alright!

We worked our way around the different samples, slurping the hot coffee-water from our spoons with as much gusto as we could muster. Again- I was terrible at this. At one point I slurped it so hard I nearly choked myself to death (can't take me anywhere). After tasting each one we had to match it with a description of a type of coffee on our sheet. This part I could definitely get on board with-nothing fires me up more than a good competition!

Did we win? Absolutely not. But we did get a semi-respectable joint 4th place!

Despite not having a latte talent, it was lovely to learn about where the coffee comes from, how the weather, the drying process and the packaging process all adds different elements to the flavour and I will certainly try and be more discerning from now on. Promise!

Now to come down from the caffeine...


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