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Free Shake Fridays at Archies

Free Shake Fridays at Archies 

 I love a good meal. Often the fancier, the better, but I am only human. What I mean by that is that sometimes (many times) I can't resist the lure of the golden arches. Some days are not meant for home-cooked goodness. Some days are too tough for three courses. Some days you just need some food. fast. and that is A-O-K.

On this particular occasion it was pouring with rain, unseasonably dark and I'd muddled my way through hours of work, meetings and deadlines. I needed comfort, stat, so I headed in to town- this time, away from the golden arches and up Ranelagh Street towards the glowing pink neon of Archies where I'd been invited to come and have my tea.

After a cursory look at the (ENORMOUS) burger offering we went for the Hot as Hell-man burger- one of a new range of burgers sponsored by Hellmans. If, like me, you're mayo phobic, then there's no need to worry because this one (as the name suggests) is a spicy one with slathered in chipotle sauce- a mayonnaise free zone.

Alongside the smokey sauce you'll find a generous piece of fried chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce and sliced jalapenos all sandwiched between the most instagrammable charcoal bun. I like a kick and this packed a punch without blowing my head off. The bun was soft and squishy but be warned- it leaves you with black bits all over your teeth- definitely not one to order on a date!

Along side the burgers we ordered Cheese Fries- crinkle cut chunky chips with gooey cheese sauce. 
Plus some cajun fries to continue the spicy theme.
Any decent burger party requires milkshakes and Archies have almost every combination of chocolate bars, sweets, cream and nuts on offer to whip up and make into Archie's famous 'Celeb Shakes'. Named after (and by) the stars, you can choose from the likes of Bier-Ber Mania, Amir Khan and The MoonWalker. I went for the 'Holly Oaks' with oreos and peanut butter while my fella went for a 'Star Shake' with Ferrero Rochers and Strawberries (y'know, for health).

I was really surprised at the quality of everything we ordered- my mood had drastically improved by the end of it and the best thing about it? Its Free Shake Fridays from now until the end of October. Order any burger, and fries and then get your milkshake for absolutely 
n a d a. 

(Plus discounts for checking in on social media & student dizzy too!)

Let me know what you get! I'll need suggestions for my next visit.


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