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Gelato and Curry at Rumi by Bukhara

We need to have a chaat about Rumi

Situated on Mount Pleasant right by the legendary Kimos sits another little gem of a restaurant- Rumi by Bukhara. A family run cafe-come-restaurant with an absolutely mammoth menu offering up the curry-house classics along side English favourites and some absolutely winning traditional specials. The perfect destination for a blogger meet-up, a chance to sit and chat whilst working our way through a mountain of fantastic food.

If you're picturing the traditional set up of an Indian restaurant then think again. Rumi is bright, light and airy and has a much more relaxed atmosphere that the traditional carpeted affairs I've gotten used to. 

I ordered myself a mocktail (this place is alcohol free) and got stuck in to the poppadums (and mango chutney) straight away before we had a little demo from one of the staff about our other snacks- channa chaats. I fully endorse playing with your food so I had great fun constructing these. 

Step 1- Whack your cornflake puff with a knife, spoon or anything else that takes your fancy.
Step 2- Fill with delicious chickpea salad.
Step 3- Try not to make a mess whilst pouring a few drops of tamarind water inside.
Step 4- Shove in to your mouth all at once and enjoy every bite.

(Optional  Step 5- Try and shove in to your mouth at once, realise your mouth is too small, get most of it all over your face and in to your lap, smile and nod at your new friends like nothing happened).

Being my usually greedy self I fully stuffed myself on these bad boys thinking these were our starters. Well, to say I was wrong would be a bit of an under statement since we were then served the most incredible array of tasty bites to get stuck in to.

Highlights included this special starter option- Shikam Puri Kebab. A whole chicken breast, stuffed with mince meat and grilled on charcoal. Never had anything like this before- it was divine.

Also really enjoyed this simple but beautiful mango salad. Definitely one I'll try and re-create at home.

After frantically trying to pick between an array of options on the food menu (it's enormous) I panicked and ordered my go-to dish- a tikka masala. Just as expected- a good level of heat (I ordered it medium) and some crispy naans to mop it up with. 

Just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite the gelato menu was pushed towards me. Now I never, ever, have dessert after an Indian (I'm usually ready to be rolled home after serious carb-loading) but once I saw the selection I couldn't say no.

I went for Kinder Bueno and it was divine- a sweet and cooling end to our evening of spice and honestly worth popping over for just by itself!

I had a fab night at Rumi by Bukhara- the staff were lovely, the food was tasty and authentic and it was a complete change to the usual Indian dining experience. If you're looking for an Indian in Liverpool City Centre then this one's definitely worth a try.

Psst.... Our lord and saviour Stevie G has been there too- google it!


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