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The Time of Our Lives with Liverpool Gin

Gin Drinking & Dirty Dancing

I have a lot to thank Liverpool Gin for. Namely, getting me hooked on the stuff and allowing me to finally enter adulthood by finding 'my drink'. I had gin down as just 'alright' until I tried a classic Liverpool Gin down at The Belvedere and since then I've become somewhat of a G&T aficionado. 
A G&TA,  if you will.

Secondly, I need to thank them for inviting me to a fabulous event down at one of my favourite spots, The Great Baltic Warehouse. On Saturday night my bestie and I donned our comfiest dancing shoes along side our warmest jumpers and headed in to town for the 'Dirty Dancing Cinema Spectacular' hosted by Liverpool Gin.
Liverpool Gin Cocktails
We were shown to our seats (FROW, no less) and chose a beverage to start off our night from the huge range of DD themed cocktails. I went for a classic G&T, my pal a 'Time of my Life' with vodka, schnapps, orange and cranberry.

I had (stupidly) stuffed my face with an Almost Famous before arriving as I didn't know there would be food there but I took one look at the menu and decided that we'd have to make room for second dinner. 

The food on offer was from the fabulous Dim Sum Su. We ordered from some Pork Belly Bao's filled with soft and sticky pork in a pillowy bun, alongside some absolute winning salt and pepper fries. I worship at the alter of s&p anything and these were up there with the best.

Suitably stuffed and still nibbling, the film began. In the interests of full disclosure here (and I always aim to be honest) I'd only ever seen Dirty Dancing once before! Clearly everyone else in the room were big fans though, entire lines were recited as a chorus and Patrick Swayze got a cheer every time his face appeared. The real 'wow' factor however was the dance troupe who came out to dance along with pivotal moments in the film- that lift included.

We had a fantastic time and couldn't believe how much fun it was! The whole place had such a party atmosphere, everyone was dancing along and now we've got a new favourite film too.

PS- Heard rumours of a Christmas version of this. Keep your eyes peeled!


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