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The To-Eat List- Where to Try Next?

My Liverpool Food 'To-Eat- List

As my friends, family and colleagues will testify, I am extremely organised. I write to-do lists multiple times a day and then re-write them again but with better handwriting,in various colours, highlight them, tick them off, and then re-write all over again. Aside form the usual lists (what we need from the shop) I have an ongoing 'to-eat' list. A list of places I want to try or haven't been to yet.

Liverpool's burgeoning status as a foodie destination partnered with the fact that sadly, I have to work for a living, has ultimately ensured this list is never (and will never) be complete. Unless I win the lottery of course- in which case I'll try them all in one obscene week of feasting and never return. There are so many new restaurants, cafes, bars, pop-ups, food trucks and 'collabs' that I just can not keep up. But for now- here are the places I've got my eye on. Friends, if you want to know where I want to go next time I see you then pay close attention.

1. Petit Parle* (Now Closed!)
When it comes to different cuisines Liverpool has most of the map covered- Turkish, Brazilian, Thai, Lebanese, Peruvian- you name it we've got it. There was, however, a decidedly French shaped hole in our culinary offering which has now been filled with Parisian eatery Petit Parle. One look at their fantastique Insta page has left me dreaming of sticky tarte tatin, melty cheeses and glass upon glass of red wine. 

If there's anywhere giving me serious #lunchenvy at the moment it's this place. As if the incredible (home made) sourdoughs aren't enough to whet your appetite they keep filling (and topping) them with all sorts of equally incredible things (including a whole load of cheese). If you are all about having 'lunch dessert' like me then this one's a double whammy since they're whacking out tray upon tray of the most ridiculous doughnuts (see below). Next time I get a day off I'm getting down here, pronto.

Carb Goals at The Wild Loaf

Yes- I know. I've been already. But they've recently had a little switch around and now have new traders including Salt House Bacaro, Meet Frank and Evil Eye Burrito. I've can't wait to get my mitts on these sticky Cuban doughnuts from Finca.

I Finca need these doughnuts soon.

Having had a taste of this place at the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival I've now got my sights set on a trip over to Waterloo for try the full shebang. Small plates, local produce, great drinks menu and live music- what's not to like?

Workin' on my appetite at The Workshop
Slater Street's newest resident- this is the Kickstarter-funded restaurant from the brains behind Sticky Walnut in Chester. After almost bankrupting myself on pledges for this place I can't wait to get down and try it out when it opens on 23rd October. I've been pining over this Caramel Tart since I first set eyes on it a few weeks ago.

Pastry Perfection at Wreckfish

So there it is! If there's anywhere else I need to know about then please let me know!


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