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Alternative Advent Calendars

Advent for the Adventurous Eaters

Advent Calendars are the perfect example of the gift that keeps on giving (for 24 days, to be exact). If you want to get your gift-giving in early this year then a calendar is the way to go. Not only will your loved one have something tasty to eat each morning of December, you can also smugly claim you've got them 24 presents instead of one. Forget those cheap, plazzy chocolate ones though, these calendars are actually worth eating.  

1. For the ones who take photos of their food- Biscuiteers Advent Biscuit Tin.
I've been swooning over these Insta-worthy biscuits for months and haven't yet thought of a justifiable reason for buying any...until now. These gorgeous hand-iced vanilla biscuits come in a 'family sized' box of 24- share with them if you wish but I'm thinking this is ideal advent territory. 

2. This one's for those strange people who would rather have a cheeseboard instead of a dessert- The Cheese Advent Calendar. Count down the days until Christmas with a teeny block of cheese each morning! You'll probably have to keep it in the fridge though.

3. For the savoury ones- Pork Crackling Advent Calendar.
Now this is a calendar that's right up my street. What with all the hot chocolates, candy canes and selection boxes knocking about December can get a little sickly. But fear not! Behind each door of this calendar lies a bite-sized bag of salty, flavoured crackling. One of the flavours is Pigs in Blankets. Enough said.

4. For the ones who need to keep their sh*t together- Pukka Tea Advent.
Don't let the Christmas Chaos get you down. Each window of this Calendar has a different flavoured herbal tea infusion. Let the calm flow through you. Goooooood.

5. For the gin drinkers- The 2017 Ginvent Calendar.
You heard right. It's all about Ginvent this year. Each window of this one hides a wee drop of different, specially produced gin. I don't want to tell you how to live your life but maybe don't have this one before your breakfast

6. For the little doggo's in your life- Advent Calendar for Dogs
So your furry friends don't get left out of the festive fun! See also: Luxurious Cat Gift Box.

7. For the sweet ones- Lots of Pots of Sweets Calendar.
All your sweet shop favourites in tiny little festive pots! A pot of jelly beans is enough to brighten up even the darkest December morning.

8. For the ones who are on a diet- Eat Your Greens- Sprout Calendar
Ok so they're made from chocolate but it's the though that counts and quite frankly anybody dieting at Christmas needs their head checking.

Now sit back, relax and let the festive feasting begin.


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