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It may not come as a huge surprise to you but I'm not exactly a health and fitness fanatic- I know, shocking isn't it? Don't get me wrong- I try. But ultimately, I have the willpower of a 5 year old child let loose in front of a party buffet. That's why when I got an email asking if I wanted to try the new evening menu at Love Thy Neighbour I was excited but nervous. Would it be all 'clean-eating', calorie counting and juices? (Spoiler: no, it wasn't)

Work your way up to the top of Bold Street and look out for the pastel walls, the glowing pink neon and the tropical foliage and you will have found Love Thy Neighbour- an instagram dream. The interior is very chic- natural wood tables and cacti in abundance. Most pleasingly of all- I spotted a cocktail menu almost immediately so ordered myself a casual mid-week Piña Colada (my guest, a bramble) and got down to ordering.

The menu, like many these days is all about mixing and matching. It's divided in to small plates and large plates so we chose 2 of each for sharing. 

To start with we munched our way through some roasted garlic hummus with chickpeas and flat breads along-side some seriously good halloumi fries. Both very moreish, well presented and tasty. Maybe I'd got it all wrong? After all, deep fried cheese doesn't scream 'health' does it?

We ordered the large plates as main courses and I chose the 'Marinated Peruvian Style Chicken Breast'. I was expecting some kind of saucy affair but the dish was actually made up of roasted chicken skewers on a lovely big pile of tomato and basil buckwheat with avocado salsa. Now I did try some avocado (I've been avoiding it for years) but I'll be honest, it's definitely not what I'd call delicious. The rest of the dish was lovely- really tasty, fresh and light. 

My fella being a typical fella went for the burger- the only junk-food sounding dish on the menu. Now this definitely was a healthy version of the original- lean steak mince, onions, avocado and sweetcorn served in a tortilla in place of a bun. He actually really enjoyed it but boy was it messy! A tortilla just doesn't have the necessary sponge-y-ness to absorb the juices a burger makes. 

If you weren't already aware, LTN caters for loads of different dietary needs including stuff for the veggies, the vegans, the gluten free and the lactose intolerant- probably why I'd had it pegged as 'healthy'. Nowhere can this be seen more than in the dessert menu, which, usually inaccessible for many is almost entirely vegan/gf. We were tempted by a vegan chocolate orange tart and despite being initially surprised by the texture it was thick, luscious and inexplicably creamy. 

I'd heard talk of the hot drinks before arriving- lattes of all different flavours and colours (think beetroot and matcha) but I bypassed those and set my sights on a Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.  A revelation-in my opinion. 
Everything we had tasted fresh, home-cooked and nourishing- like a proper chicken soup for the soul. Unusually for us we left full but not 'I need to lie down right now' full and do you know what? It felt good.



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