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5 Reasons to Roast at Maray

Sound the alarms, whip out the confetti and crack open the Buckfast because one of Liverpool’s best restaurants has sacked off their signature small plates and have started serving up a roast dinner on a Sunday. That’s right- I’m talking about the Maray x Roast Dinner situation and you can get your hands on one every weekend at the Allerton Road Branch. I selflessly went to test it out for you on day numbero uno and can happily confirm it's every bit as good as it looks. Still not convinced? I have put together a very scientific* list of reasons you should definitely get yourself booked in to try it.

He should know he's not allowed to eat until after the photo by now...

1. It's Maray

If, like me, you incessantly chant 'Maray! Maray!' whenever somebody asks where to go for their tea then you'll agree that the food here is downright delicious. Therefore, despite a roast dinner being a little left field from their usual offering, there is solid ground to believe their roasts will be just as good. (They are).

Maray-Allerton Road

2. The Bevs

It's all about Spritz Sundays at Maray which sounds very fancy but really it's just an excuse to have a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon. Plus, at  2 for £10 you can get yourself respectably sozzled before going home and facing the harsh realities of the upcoming Monday. They've also put together a new drinks offering to accompany your meal including a take on a lager shandy with peaches and a white port and cucumber tonic aptly named 'S.O.S'.

Venetian Spritz

spritz o'clock

3. The Choice

A minor annoyance I have about most restaurant roasts is that they, probably sensibly,  just tell you what the 'meat of the day' is going to be. Maray have kindly passed the power back to the customer and will let you choose the main event yourself from a selection of Cumbrian salt-aged ham, Cumbrian salt-aged beef sirloin, Goosnargh corn-fed chicken or Butternut squash and pistachio nut roast. If you're a pain- in-the-arse-indecisive-menu-orderer like myself (technical term) then pick before you go.

I went for the sirloin

4. The Sides

Let's just go for a list on this one:
- duck fat roasties, as crispy as you can get 'em
- carrots
-Yorky Pud
-greens, cabbage and SPROUTS
-soft, sweet shallots- an unusual but very welcome addition
- gravy- not much in that jug I know but they'll give you more on request!

If you want to be a little extra you can also order additional sides. Think: an extra bowl of cauliflower cheese or red cabbage to munch alongside.

5. The Puds

For an extra £4 you can add something sweet and sticky to your meal and with my all time favourite dessert sticky toffee pudding on the menu alongside the sensational sounding coconut rice pudding it would be extremely rude not to.

The King of Puds

There you go, how does that sound? Get your muddy boots on, go for a walk  around Calderstones Park and then get yourself booked in for dinner. 


* Disclaimer: I am not a scientist.


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