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Hungover? Tired? Avoiding the bleak, British weather? Whatever your ailment and whatever your excuse, staying in bed watching Netflix all day is one of the few great things you can choose to do as an adult. If you like watching food on screen as much as you love eating it and, like me, you're bored of looking at Gregg Wallace's face on endless episodes of Masterchef, then this is the post for you. Here's 5 of my fave-foodie-fixes I've watched and enjoyed on  Netflix recently.

Chef's 'Table
If your idea of food porn is more Michelin-minded than Man v. Food then you'll enjoy every gorgeous minute of this. Hour-long episodes of beautifully filmed, food-focused magic centred around a different culinary mastermind each time. Will leave you feeling inadequate about everywhere you've ever eaten and anything you've ever cooked. In a nice way.

Nailed It
If you've ever tried to bake something spectacular you've seen on Pinterest and it's turned out to be an absolute shambles then you'll love this. 3 exceptionally amateur bakers are asked to re-create a masterpiece in cake and when it inevitably turns out crap they shout 'nailed it!'. Just the kind of low-budget Netflix winner that's perfect for binge-watching in your comfies.

This film is entirely to blame for my 2016/17 cubano obsession that Finca at the Botanical Garden took the brunt of. I won't even try to give you a proper film review ( your gal is all about the food) but the gist is a chef who gets a bad restaurant review,  kicks off, quits and then starts up a Cuban food-truck to the delight of the social media generation. Sophia Vegara looking fabulous also included.

Ugly Delicious
This one's in a similar vein to Chefs Table but instead of 12 course tasting menus it's all about the fried chicken, pizza and tacos. David Chang alongside lots of other well known names in the food biz sit round and discuss the origins, representations and futures of our favourite comfort foods- definitely worth a watch. Make sure you have snacks handy, though!

A documentary with Michael Pollen about the origins of cooking, how it all began, how it changes food and how it shapes our lives. Less about the food itself and more about the process, it makes for fairly interesting watching and it's pretty informative....ideal hangover watching.

If you've seen something else worth a watch on Netflix then send it my way!


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