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Spring Food and Drink Festival

If you're a long-time reader of Eat Liverpool (hi mum) you'll know the Liverpool Food and Drink festivals are one of the annual highlights of my calendar.

See: 5 Reasons to Love the LFDF or What we ate at the LFDF to get a  flavour of my affections...

Despite having a late one the night before, I've been to every one since as long as I can remember so I reluctantly dragged myself from my hangover bed, pulled last night's lashes off my face and threw down a few pints of water to ensure this year's Spring festival was no exception.

Starting off in true Scouse fashion with (sorry, not sorry) salt and pepper sui mai** for breakfast...

...which came with it's own keychain nail file. Can't ask for better service than that now can you?

Swiftly followed by tacos- spiced pork and pineapple and it's far superior brother with fried chicken, onions and spicy mayo.

Along with an unavoidable tray of halloumi fingers from 109 Allerton whilst we watched the dancing sheep show. Yep, you read that correctly.

The stand out winner of the day for me was this bad boy from The York Roast Co:

A whole roast dinner (I went for pork and apple) wrapped up all snuggly inside a giant Yorkshire Pud to make one hand-held little wonder. Feeling tender as I was, it was an absolute winner. Not the prettiest of options but definitely my favourite of the day.

Desserts were ordered in a noticeably more sophisticated manner. 

A box of fresh cannoli from Cafe Cannoli is always a staple. This time we went for lemon and raspberry, pistachio and caramel and we were just in time too since they sold out half an hour later.

Plus acompanying hot bevs from Hotel Chocolate.

All in all, not a bad little haul. 
Until September!


**Might have to change the name of this blog to 'Eat Salt and Pepper Liverpool' soon?

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