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What we ate in...Bratislava and Vienna

I'm well aware that I've taken my sweet time getting this post up- you've all been on tenterhooks I'm sure. But life comes at you fast as they say and, aside from being one busy little bee, I was unsure whether to even post this one.

You see, I know you come here for the Liverpool based food inspo- the clue's in the name, but I do leave this side of the Mersey occasionally and often those posts go down well. You saw my trip to Madrid, right? Far be it for me to profess I know the ins and outs of where to eat in these places after only a few days there, but I like to share what we had in the hopes that some intrepid holiday planners like myself will find comfort knowing there is a decent place to get a doughnut cone in Hungary.

The truth is though, we went to Slovakia and we ate..er...pretty much nothing Slovakian. As much as I insisted we try the National dish-Halušky- by the time the evening rolled around each night my little frozen brain couldn't be tempted by something that even the locals deemed 'challenging'. Instead, I took comfort in the familiar, and after arriving late to our Airbnb (an alarmingly modern apartment in a former Soviet apartment block) I'll openly admit I spent the first night in Bratislava in bed, watching comedy specials on Netflix and eating a Domino's.

Our first full day in Bratislava fared better. We were up early and walked miles across the town on a walking tour, seeing the sights and taking it all in. On the food front I was enticed by a teeny little doughnut shop called La Donuteria- in fact my Instagram senses started tingling about a mile away from it. Sheltering from the bitter weather,  we pulled up a little doughnut-cushioned stool and tucked in to a couple'a massive doughnuts for breakfast.

I bet you're thinking- 'Becky- what the hell were you doing in a Spanish themed doughnut shop in Slovakia?'. Well hold on to your hats folks because it gets better- for dinner we went for traditional Slovakian...Thai food.

 In Green Buddha to be precise.

All I can say about this place is that the food was excellent but the toilets were located in some kind of creepy downstairs spa/dungeon room so if nature calls I'd wait until you get back to your hotel. (If you like that sort of thing there is an actual torture museum in the Bratislava town hall).

By far my favourite edibles from this part of the journey actually came from Austria. We hopped a train over to Vienna and within the hour we were sizing up Cafe Central ready for a taste of a proper Viennese breakfast that, despite wiping out the budget for the day, completely delivered on all of my 'Sound of Music' fantasies.

Second on my list of essential Austrian eats was wiener schnitzel which we found at Schnitzelwirt. Let me tell you this place ain't for the faint hearted. Getting a table is a test of willpower in itself. You'll have to fight your way through a hoard of chain-smoking, hungry locals at the door, squeeze your way past a giant dog (ok you might not have to do this part) and then you'll be plonked on any seat/stool/ledge that they can find. Prepare to get comfy with your neighbours! All of this was fully worth testing my British sensibilities though because for less than 10 Euros (unheard of in Vienna) you'll get two schnitzels bigger than your head. 
Like, genuinely bigger.

We did eat in one Slovakian restaurant on our trip and that was Prašná Bašta, a tiny hole-in-the-wall little restaurant that gave us a tiny peak at Slovakian cuisine on our last night in the city. We had pork chops in mustard and an incredible lamb shank with pumpkin mash, washed down with a jug of wine.

Overall I did a pretty terrible job as a food blogger in Bratislava but still had a lovely trip. It's a fascinating place,  I won't try an describe it to you because I won't be able to explain it properly, but they still sell a Communist version of Coke called 'Kofola' if that gives you an inkling. If you're planning a trip there soon then, for my sake, please try the Halušky and you'll have let me know what it's like!



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