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What's New, Liverpool? (Part 2)

If you saw the first edition of this post you'll know that new restaurants are sprouting up in Liverpool faster than you can tag your mates and say 'omg let's go here xx'.

In fact, just over two months since my original post there's now enough decent new places dotted about to warrant a second edition of 'What's New, Liverpool?'. 
So, In an act of unwarranted selflessness I've kindly rounded up the latest and most interesting openings for your consideration and linked them all underneath.*

Move aside Greggs because Liverpool now has their own Pieminister. Located on Bold Street, this place serves up proper, award-winning pies as well as soft-serve ice cream served in, er.. pies. It's actual pie madness in there. Plus they've got beer!

Pollen (*NOW CLOSED)
My ears lit up at the sound of this new bistro on Fenwick Street. Sustainable, local produce, an ever- changing daily menu and a wine pairing to match. They're opening late for drinks on weekends, too! 

Students and Scousers in the south of the city rejoice because we've finally got ourselves somewhere cool to get ramen, steamed buns and salt and pepper chicken. Maggie Fu is on Smithdown right by Portland Street and The Tavern Co. 

A dreamy name and a dreamy pink set-up for this new coffee spot in the business district. Think pastels, neon and a cute breakfast menu. Very Insta-friendly if that's your thing (it's deffo mine).

Probably one of the biggest openings in the past few weeks, The Florist is set to be chocka this summer. 

Traditional Italian wood-fired pizza, drinks and small plates have made themselves at home on Lark Lane. If it's good enough for Nonno it's good enough for me!

This one has only recently come to my attention- I just stumbled across it whilst mindlessly scrolling researching dutifully for this post. As the name suggests this place is allllll about the meat and they'll even slice it up on a table right in front of you if you want your own little meat show. 

That's all I've got for now- if you know anywhere else coming soon let me know, and we might even get a part 3 this summer!

*NB- I haven't actually tried most of these places yet but they're all places I reckon are worth a go and are on my 'list'. If you get there before me then please let me know so I can get straight down there/avoid at all costs! Let's help each other out here, ey?


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