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Pi on Rose Lane is a little gem of a place. It's small, cramped, dark and completely back to basics on the restaurant front but it is always heaving. They serve craft ales, pints, bottled beer and pies...and that's it. The beauty is in the simplicity my friends, especially when they serve proper Pieminister pies.

Why haven't I mentioned it before? Well, honestly, as much as I love it, it's not much to look at on the photo front. See exhibit A* below if you don't believe me. Plus with a new, proper Pieminister restaurant having just opened up in town there's really no need for you to head out of the city centre to get your hands on one of their award-winning pies.

Sitting right at home on Bold St, Pieminister is a wooden-clad, no-fuss, neon-lit pie heaven. There's 15 pies to choose from and then you get to mix and match from an alarmingly large array of sides, extras, sticks and small-plates to build your ideal dish.

Behold: My Creation.

The 'Free- Ranger' chicken pie, mash, minty peas, crispy shallots and gravy.

All as thoroughly delicious as it looks. The only disappointment on the food front was the 'sticks' of onion rings and pigs that arrived, sadly, in a bowl. (I'd envisaged them sticking out the top of my pie like some kind of mad kebab-pie fusion. I'm not insane- that's how it looks on the menu).

Like any self respecting restaurant they've continued the theme right through to the desserts and are serving up, you guessed it, more pie. This time in the form of a wafer-like pie crust that graciously upholds a swirling mountain of soft-serve ice cream. If dessert pie is wrong then I don't ever want to be right. You've got to save room for this.

Overall, great pies, good beer, unbelievable desserts. Bring your stretchy pants.

*Exhibit A from Pi- photographs terribly but tastes uhhhh-mazing. If you're out and about in the South of the city then this place is 100% worth a visit. 

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