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Bite Club

The first rule of Bite Club is you do not talk about Bite Club. The second rule of Bite Club is... yeah you know the rest. I did swear to myself I wouldn't make that joke but I am who I am!

In any case, Bite Club is definitely one worth talking about since their range of take-away food options are putting the super in 'superfood' and making lunch times across the city healthy again.

As you may have deduced, eating healthily isn't my forte (did you see my review of Almost Famous? Phwoar!) but since I'm off on my jollies shortly and my waistbands are starting to feel a little more snug than usual I thought I'd give eating something nutritious a go.

In the words of Bite Club themselves:  'Bite Club meals contain over twenty superfood ingredients that are high in protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals to maintain and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Our meals contain a mix of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that maintain a healthy microbiome in your gut, which is essential in supporting your body’s overall health. Meals are freshly made daily in our bespoke craft kitchens here in the City. Inspired by flavours from around the world and using a bank of the world’s healthiest ingredients. Meals are free from preservatives, additives, added salt and refined sugars.'

In other words...I think they're good for you.

They don't taste bad either. There's more than just your basic salad bowl on offer with options like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Teriyaki Salmon, Spanish Patatas Bravas, muffins, smoothies and nibbles. All full of goodness and declared healthy by the powers that be. Here's the menu if you fancy a browse.

If you fancy spicing up your lunchtime options Bite Club are located in 5 places across the city centre, see where here. They'll also deliver your lunch right to your desk, or let you skip the queue and have your meals ready for you if you download the Bite Club app.

Happy Eating!


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