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5 Reasons to try Chilli Banana

When it comes to traditional Thai food in Liverpool it's hard to think of more than a handful of decent places. There are good some good family-friendly Thai options on the menu over at Yee Rah, and then there's Tiger Rock which will give you a whistle-stop street food tour of South East Asian cooking. But when it comes to naming destination Thai restaurants in Liverpool, Chilli Banana is the only one that springs to mind straight away.

Khao Soi- Curried Noodles in a Coconut Shell
Despite living pretty close to Lark Lane, I almost never find myself there for dinner. In fact, the last time I was there was back in January when I was desperately trying to hang on to my Madrid memories/food baby with tapas at Monkey Grinder. (I'm that dead annoying person that says 'we should come here more!' on every single occasion and then never, ever does).

As it turns out, I've fully been missing out on the food front as there are now more new restaurants there than I can even be arsed to name. Whilst Chilli Banana isn't new to the lane, it was definitely a new one for me. So, in the interests of thorough food blogging, I made sure I ate/drank/experienced as much as possible and let me tell you, it was good.
(Selfless I know, thank me later).

A Thai Twist on a class Hugo cocktail.

Having now had the full Chilli Banana experience, here's 5 reasons I reckon you should give them a try

1. They've had a refurb.
Forget about red carpets, sticky menus and dim-lighting, the restaurant here brings Thai food straight in to 2018 with dark wood, soft leather and cool grey and turquoise accents. It's smart, swanky and is fully dressed to impress. 

2. It's family-run.
I don't just mean a family own it, I mean it's actually a family running the restaurant. The owners,  kitchen team and FOH staff are all aunts, uncles, brothers, nieces and nephews. How cute is that?

3. They'll push you out of your comfort zone.
Upon their insistence that Thai food is 'much more than just Pad Thai' they'll (gently) try and prise you away from sticking to your usual order and try something new. Whilst I love Pad Thai as much as the next normal person (i.e a lot) it was fun trying out things from the menu I wouldn't usually order.

Tempura Greens and Sweet Corn Cakes
Sua Rong Hai- Ribeye Steak

4.  They've got a special Chilli Banana take on your favourites too.
If, like me, you're a creature of habit and you can't envisage a Thai meal without some kind of Satay- situation involved then they have all the usual Thai comfort blankets too, with a special CB twist. 

Chocolate Spring Rolls & Orange Ice Cream

Mango and Passion Fruit Mess

5. There's a Chilli Banana Cookbook

May, one of the founders has cleverly released her own Chilli Banana cook book so you can try to recreate your favourite restaurant dishes at home. If you're not quite feeling brave enough you can even book yourself on to a cooking masterclass with May herself. How many restaurants can you say that about?!

Got a favourite place for Thai in Liverpool? Let me know!

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