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As you may well know by now I love a good food market, mostly because it means I don't have to decide where to go for dinner and I get to pick the best bits of each menu and combine them to make the ultimate dinner combo. This month my usual haunt the Baltic Market have been busy celebrating their 1st Birthday with a huge party, music and Fanta Lemon Slushes (10/10 lads). Following on from the fantastic success of the Baltic you might have heard that we now have two more places competing for food market glory and they've both conveniently opened up within a week of each other!

Fortunately (for me) I was very kindly invited down to the launch of both venues.
Here's the lowdown:

Grand Central Food Bazaar

Opened: 29th June 2018

Vibe: Twisting Gaudi-esque metalwork and a neon tie-dye colour scheme make this a completely unique space spread across several different levels. There's more of an upmarket theme than the Baltic with food served on proper plates with cutlery a bit like they do in Mackie Mayor.

Food: Whilst there's a few familiar faces here (including Izakaya and Picnic) there's a whole load of brand new traders for you to get your teeth stuck in to. Whilst I was sceptical about the presence of Mexican food on the menu of a coffee shop the Steak Tacos with Cheese and Chimichurri from Grindr were delicious.Our favourite dish of the night was unquestioningly the Sticky Beef and Pancakes from Funky Lemon- a crispy duck/ brisket hybrid that kept two noisy girls quiet for at least 10 minutes in silent satisfaction.We also had a wee taste of the Med from Barna with a plate of Fresh Charred Squid although for the size of the plate it was eye-wateringly expensive. Whilst I didn't love everything we tried (the less said about the Halloumi Fries the better),  on the whole the food was good and I've heard amazing things about the other vendors we didn't quite manage this time.

Price: As mentioned above some of the plates are not cheap, that squid was £12! Likewise with the Sticky Beef.  There are definitely more reasonable options about but don't expect a cheap night. 

Verdict: Whilst this place is definitely unusual I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited with the prospect of where they're heading and I'm absolutely thrilled the building has been given a new lease of life. 

Click here for more info.

Dockside Dining Club

Opened: 6th July 2018

Vibe: I'm reluctant to call anything 'Instagrammable' anymore since it turns out I'll whack just about anything up on the 'gram but this place is definitely Insta-friendly. Wooden palettes, chipboard tables, a view over the water and a baby pink and green colour palette give this place an LA feel that makes for very pretty pictures. 

Food: As above there's a mix of familiar faces and newbies in amongst the traders. Izakaya have got themselves a third home alongside Cowfish Smoke and Bold Street residents KO Grill. We tried a few Spanish nibbles from El Cupido that were a little disappointing (maybe teething issues?) but we enjoyed getting messy with a box of Flaming Chicken Nuggets from Clucking Delicious. The highlight on the food front was a Sausage Dinner, a huge box of sausages, chips, peas and curry sauce from The Lucky Fish Co although if we'd have had room we definitely would have gone for some pizza from Miami Slice too.

Price: It's a little cheaper here than in Grand Central-expect prices similar to those in the Baltic Market with maybe a slight mark-up for the location. 

Verdict: Since I'm firmly in the camp that the restaurant selection around the docks is usually pretty disappointing,  this place is a very welcome addition. Despite the inevitable arse-splinters from the chipboard seating, It'll be swarming with tourists during the summer months so get down early to bagsy yourself a good seat in the swish outdoor seating area. 

Click here for more info.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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