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When it comes to a food trend Liverpool has seen it all this year. We've seen this rise of the insanely-topped 'freakshake', competed for the title of biggest burger, eaten mountains of halloumi fries and made everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salt and pepper flavoured. Whilst I love getting my teeth stuck in to these weird and wonderful creations as much as the next greedy Scouser,  I can't help but be pleased to see restaurants brave enough to take it all back to basics.

The closing of The Clove Hitch on Hope Street has been bittersweet for me. Whilst I was sad to see it go (we celebrated a few special family occasions in there),  it's departure has made room for a new, family-owned restaurant who are bringing back the bistro in the form of Bread and Butter.

As the name suggests, everything here is about simplicity. Dark wood floors and huge Georgian sash windows sit alongside crisp white tablecloths and flickering tea lights to create a beautiful yet understated dining area. The menu is short and sweet and consists mostly of comforting French Country classics like savoury Buckwheat Pancakes, Aubergine Gratin and Chicken Fricassée. There's no messing about with the prices either. Starters and desserts are marked at a very reasonable £4.50, mains at £12.50 with no extras, supplements, set menus or added items. 

The food is confidently understated but very satisfying. After a quick catch up and a few sips of my Martin Miller gin with Strawberry and Elderflower my starter arrived. Sweet and sticky cubes of Maple Glazed Pork Belly whilst my lovely mum polished off the Homemade Liver Paté with a few slices of local Wildloaf Sourdough

The main event was particularly French with mum tucking into an enormous portion of Boeuf Bourguignon with creamy mash and salad whilst I got messy with a steamy bowl of Moules Marinière . Initially I though the sauce could have done with more of a kick,  but it was perfect when I started dunking in handfuls of salty French fries (or frites should I say?) to mop it all up.

In ode to our brothers across the channel we finished in a rather sophisticated manner with tea and desserts. Whilst I was tempted to try out the namesake dish of Bread and Butter Pudding, I'm a simple girl and there isn't enough willpower in the world for me to turn down a special of anything Sticky Toffee. My mum had a beautifully made Crème Brulée finished, as you'd expect,  with a satisfyingly crisp burnt sugar topping to crack in to with her spoon.

Whilst I am by no means complaining, in a city filled to the brim with street food, small plates, cocktails and Insta-specials this place is a little breath of fresh air and there's something about how honest and straightforward it all is that makes it very hard to dislike!

Bread and Butter is open Tuesday-Saturday from 17:00-23:00.
Find their website- here.



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