The Liverpool Burger A-Z

When it comes to eating out most of the time I am incredibly indecisive and can't even decide what I want to eat, never mind where. Sometimes, though, I am consumed by cravings and once I've got my heart set on something there's no changing my mind. One thing that quite often sneaks into my cravings calendar is a good old burger. Fortunately, Liverpool is abundant with them so just in case you ever fancy one I've put together the definitive, (almost) complete, and fully comprehensive A-Z guide of where you can get one.
Almost Famous- River Phoenix Burger with Frazzles 
[I'd actually planned to have this post up in time for National Burger Day but it turns out finding restaurants named with all the letters of the alphabet is actually pretty tricky- who knew?!]

A- Almost Famous- Probably the number one name in Liverpool for burgers, Wacky, weird and wonderful. Their 'This is Liverpool' Burger is a bucket list item.
This is Liverpool- Fried Chicken, Salt & Pepper Chips
and Curry Sauce

C- Cowfish Smokehouse- A USA themed vendor based at the Dockside Dining Club. They do all sorts of delicious things with lobster, pulled pork and beef brisket and their latest special was topped with marshmallows. 

D- Death Row Diner- Hidden Hope Street hideaway with last-meal inspired burgers famously topped with Chupa Chups lollipops.  

F- Free State Kitchen- One of my absolute favourites for a proper, no fuss, all American burger.

FSK- The American Cheeseburger with onion, mustard and ketchup.
G- GBK- Another L1 chain with good burgers and the skinniest fries known to the human race. 

H- Down the Hatch- 100% veggie and vegan friendly but good enough for the meat-lovers too.

DTH- The Incredible Bulk Burger with Hash Browns & Fried Egg
I-I can't think of one for I.

J- I thought hard about putting Jamie's Italian here but thought better of it. How about Just Wings?

K- KFC? They do burgers, right?

M- Meat Factory- The only Lark Lane entry on the list with a burger menu ranging from the 'Brooklyn Big Ass' to a tray of miniature sliders. 

N- Nolita Cantina- With a long-time home on Bold Street their 'Big Boy' burger is a sight to behold but their corn dogs are SO delicious too.

O- O'Neills- Strictly for drunk or hangover feasting only. 

P- Pattersons- Fried Chicken Burgers and skater boy vibes. 

R- Revolution- Playful burgers and a cocktail list longer than a Lord of the Rings saga.

Revolution- Big Nacho Cheese Dipper
S- Slims Pork Chop Express- Another favourite. Try their Lo Pan burger topped with Salt and Pepper Sui Mai and chip shop curry sauce. 

T- Turtle Bay- A chain with Caribbean inspired Jerk meats and goat burgers. 

U- U better be hungry for a burger!

V- V. hungry for a burger. 

X- X in the City. Not burgers...but there's buns. 

Y- Yard and Coop- Get your teeth stuck in to their 'Massive Cock' chicken burger topped with...another chicken burger. 

Z- Seven Zero One- Create-your-own burgers set inside the Campanile Hotel at the Albert Docks.

SZO- Bacon Cheeseburger
There you go, I did it! A (not really) complete A-Z Liverpool Burger Guide. Now who thinks it's time I went back to work?


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