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Almost Famous Christmas

I am fully aware that it's mid-October but time flies at this time of year and before you know it the season for last-minute shopping, all-day drinking and eating triple your daily calorie allowance will be upon us.

Leader of the pack when it comes to being OTT on the food front is of course Liverpool fave Almost Famous (you may have seen my review of their last menu launch...) This time they've topped even themselves with this year's Christmas burger offering the 'Son of a Nutcracker'.

tiny hands for scale
 'What the hell is that?' I hear your cry. Well, sandwiched between two of their signature brioche halves you'll find a double cheeseburger patty, sausage stuffing, buttermilk fried turkey, cranberry jam, slaw, bbq sauce and peppercorn mayo. If you think that's a mouthful to say then just imagine how difficult it is to eat (spoiler: very). On the top of this already enormous number there is, of course, a sausage roll (which tastes better than it looks) and probably the greatest thing mankind ever invented- a pig in a blanket.

Gobble Gobble

these slider'd right into my mouth

If the burger somehow doesn't give you enough of the festive feels then there's also the superbly named 'Gobble Gobble Fries' with pulled turkey, gravy, crispy onions and bacon (probably my favourite dish of them all) along with a few Christmas cocktails. My usual go-to tipple in this joint is the bitch juice so you can imagine how excited I was to see the appearance of the 'Festive Bitch'- similar to the original with a bit of fizz and a bloody massive sparkler, too. If you've got a more sophisticated palette than me then I'd also recommend the Gingerbread Mojito- topped with a dinky red ribbon and a mini gingerbread man, too.

Gingerbread Mojito

If you fancy planning an Xmas meal your office won't forget in a hurry then this is definitely the place!

(Can't wait until Christmas for a burger? Try my Liverpool A-Z Burger Guide.)

*I was kindly invited to try the Christmas menu preview at Almost Famous but as always all thoughts, terrible jokes, opinions and photographs are completely my own!


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