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Woolton Peach

You may recall from my previous post that there's been a few exciting things going on round my ways recently and one of them is the arrival of Woolton Peach.

Peach are a pop-up restaurant currently based in Neighbourhood on Woolton road and they're doing really, really delicious things with small plates and cocktails. Like all good things they come in small doses and only appear fleetingly from Thursday through Saturday from 6pm onwards.

We tried a selection of dishes from the menu and found each one more friggin' delicious than the last.

The starters definitely set the tone and were, like the rest of the dishes, confident and bold. The bread was black, charred and insanely salty- the kind of bread I know my parents would just hate but I adored and whilst the thought of a cold, slippery oyster usually does little to excite me, these ones were undeniably fresh and a sly kick of tabasco definitely woke us up.

Of course I'd been studying the menu at my desk in work all day and the one thing I had my eye on from the start was the black pudding rice balls. They were super soft and ate more like a croquette than arancini. The rich, meaty centre was perfect after a dunk in the sweet apple and sage sauce. De-lish.

Equally good was a plate of parsnips roasted with honey and ras el hanout. They'd put them with lemon and harris hummus and a crispy hazlenut dukkah and honestly that's the only way I want to eat my parsnips from now on.  It's a good sign for any place when a veggie dish has clearly had some thought put in to it and this is one of those plates that easily matched up to it's meaty counterparts.

The potatoes in beef dripping were another favourite. They were sliced up like a potato millefuille, which made them dead crispy and rich with butter. On the side was a sharp parmesan and anchovy dip- perfect for dunking. Whilst we're on the topic of comfort food, the lamb shank pie that has, for obvious reasons,  been doing the rounds on Instagram was like a little winter hug in a bowl, so rich and silky it made my fella start making dead embarrassing Greg Wallace 'CORR' noises. (Applications for new dinner guests now open).

There's only two desserts on the menu- one if you don't count cheese (which you shouldn't- cheese isn't a dessert, don't fight me on this). Thankfully there isn't any need for any more than that because the one they've got- in this case a Salted Caramel Tart- is absolutely brilliant. It was a warm, wobbling slice of joy-just imagine a custard tart and a millionaires shortbread had a gorgeous silky baby.

Fabulous food, a fabulous setting and a really good location (for me..personally). This place should be heaving. Make sure you get a chance to try it before they move on!

Find Woolton Peach at Neighbourhood Cafe Thursdays-Saturdays from 6pm. 

*I was very kindly invited to try out the menu at Peach but as always all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own!

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