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The Old Stables

Located at the end of a rather long and winding drive, the entrance to The Old Stables restaurant is every bit as grand as you'd expect for a restaurant located at a golf club.
It's tucked away in the leafy depths of Allerton, and if you didn't know it was there you'd probably never find it. Which, I think, gives the place a cool secret hideaway vibe (but can't be great for passing trade).

The on-site restaurant is located in the place of a former stable block (hence the name), and serves family-friendly food seven days a week. Surprisingly, not everybody there is wearing slacks and plaid jumpers, it's actually quite a popular place for the locals to breakfast and is becoming increasingly popular for lunches and evening meals too. No golf clubs required. 

The menu is all about up-market, British, pub food. It's comforting, classic, universal food- somewhere you could take a crowd with something to suit everybody but in a much more stylish setting than your local boozer.

 The starters are a good example of this. We enjoyed a smart take on a classic Welsh Rarebit which was buried under a mountain of tangy tomato chutney and balsamic glaze as well as a huge Hot Smoked Salmon Fishcake with buttery wilted spinach and a perfectly runny poached egg.

I'm quite sure any restaurant could win me over with decent a runny egg!

 For mains, we went for a Buttermilk Chicken Burger- no fuss or frills just a classic salad, tomato and sauce situation. Don't get me wrong here,  I love a ridiculous burger as you well know, but sometimes you just want the real deal and this one definitely delivered. We also had some of the apparently bestselling Fish and Chips that were just as good as you'd expect. Light, crisp and salty and served with what my dad would unaffectionately call 'jenga chips'. Despite their fancy looking stacking arrangement they were pretty good too- a 10/10 on the chip front in my book.

The sweet stuff is slightly more daring than the rest of the menu. We shared Mini Doughnuts with a bucket-load of chocolate sauce for dunking and a wedge of the home-made Carrot Cake with chocolate ice cream and orange. If I'm honest I reckon carrot cake and chocolate orange is a bit of a mad combo but it seemed to work and there certainly wasn't any left at the end.

The food at The Old Stables is solid, comforting, family-friendly food in a sophisticated restaurant setting. Whist we went at night time and couldn't take full advantage of the surroundings, I imagine there's a pretty nice view, and there's a gorgeous outdoor dining terrace for when (or if) the weather perks up.

The Evening Menu is £17.95 for 3 courses and is available Monday-Friday from 4pm.


*I was kindly invited to review the Evening Menu at The Old Stables however, as always, this review is completely honest and all words, thoughts, opinions and pictures are entirely my own. 


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