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*Update August 2019- Brew and Bagel has now, sadly, closed.

I’m not entirely certain whether it’s courage or blind confidence that would inspire one to open up a new coffee shop in Woolton Village, but I imagine it’s a certain degree of both. 
Although the locals of this South Liverpool suburb love a good brew (I should know, I am one) there are already a multitude of similar places to choose from within throwing distance of the new Brew and Bagel on Woolton Street.


There is of course The Elephant of Simon Rimmer fame who serve coffee and breakfasts 5 days a week. Then there’s The Old Hardware Shop who against all predictions are thriving with their new entirely vegan menu, and lest we forget the brilliant One Perfect Forest. The latter a Scandi-themed coffee shop and crowdfunded project that has gone from strength to strength these past few months.

Despite the competition, and less than one month after the official opening of Brew and Bagel, business is rapidly ticking over. This tiny, hole-in-the-wall café really does give a new meaning to intimate dining (there are just three tables) but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in character. There’s a counter bursting with homemade cakes. Freshly picked flowers are propped up in dainty glass jars. A bog-standard order of Yorkshire tea comes with a cow-shaped milk jug and a teapot sporting a pom-pommed tea cosy. It is undeniably endearing.

The food, however is what makes this place worth coming to. In contrast to the homely, cosy vibes of the rest of the shop the food on offer is confident, sophisticated and extremely well-made. A mean-feat at the best of times but when you’re cooking breakfast on a counter top smaller than your average door mat it’s even more impressive.

It’s breakfast yes, but it’s breakfast done properly. Super-soft seeded bagels pooling with salty butter are topped with all sorts of breakfast goodies like huge butchers sausages, piles of crisp streaky bacon and creamy clouds of scrambled eggs. There are mountains of freshly smushed avocado, slithers of smoked salmon a proper, runny egg yolks. It is a simple but brilliant example of what a good breakfast should be.

In an area where there are back-to-back coffee shops this one is somehow managing to elbow it’s tiny-self in there and for that I say, good on them. Bring on the bagels.


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