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What we ate in... Bologna

I'm well aware that 'Food Capital' is a title that can be applied to many places in Italy. In fact, I think you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere you couldn't get your hands on a decent meal, but one place that has got to be up there with the best for eating is Bologna.

Much like myself, Bologna is known affectionately as La Grassa (the fat one). This Northern city is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region- an area best known for producing some of the most iconic Italian edibles like balsamic, parmesan and mortadella. Of course it's also the home of Tagliatelle al Ragu, the dish that us fab Brits have somehow turned into Spag Bol.

Pane, Pasta & Vino in the Quadrilatero 

Liverpool's Secret Gardens- 10 Cool Places to Drink This Summer

Grab the sun-cream and dust off your sunnies ladies and gents, it's that time of year again. The sunshine is back, and if the weather's anything like last year (an unbearable heatwave for months on end) we better get used to it.

 What's kept us going through that long, bleak winter? The thought of outdoor drinking of course! So,with that in mind, I've put together a list of  10 super cool city-centre gardens where al fresco drinks and dining are the order of the day.  In no particular order...

1. Birdies Bar and BBQ

Location:  29-31 Parliament St, Liverpool, L8 5RN 
Vibe: A huge, astro-turf paradise in the heart of the Cains Brewery District. Three different food vendors, live music and plastic palm-trees, it's just like you're in the Bahamas, I swear
More info here

Ghetto Golf vs. Junkyard Golf- Which is Better?

With the long-awaited arrival of Junkyard Golf at Liverpool One and its grand media launch this week there's been a lot of talk about Liverpool's newest adult-only crazy golf course. 

However, with the markedly similar Ghetto Golf already well-established and thriving up in the Baltic Triangle district, it has to beg the question- which one is better? In this highly scientific essay I will....
Sweet Shop Cocktails at Junkyard Golf

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