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Whilst I can't help but find it mildly annoying that Liverpool always seem to get all the cool chains some time after London, Leeds and Manchester, in the case of our latest restaurant signing it was definitely worth the wait. Bundobust is a Leeds-born phenomenon that gained an equally fond reception when they opened their doors in Manchester and now, finally, we have one of our very own.


Free State Kitchen

The funny thing about running this blog is that, despite constantly reviewing new places, new menus and restaurants I've never been to before, I very rarely get the chance to sit down and write about my actual all-time favourites. The places I go to time and time again seem to unfairly slip out of the loop in favour of all the 'new' content and I really need to start making a more conscious effort to mention them more frequently.


Lane 7 Bowling

There's a whole load of glorious nostalgia in the sticky carpets, ancient arcades and terrible food at the Hollywood Bowl. I spent many a childhood party there, as well as a fair few of my teenage years when we couldn't get in anywhere in town without ID (still can't to be honest).


Bistro Franc

You may or may not recall in my review of Cote Bistro a few months ago I was lamenting the lack of French restaurants in Liverpool. One of the places that got an honourable mention was Bistro Franc, once a part of the Bistro group it's now completely independent of it's French siblings and is standing alone as it's own beacon of retro French joy on Hanover Street.

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