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Aether x Yu Donut

Despite there being a specific tab for drinks related things up there somewhere in my menu bar, it’s probably the one tab and area of my blog that gets neglected the most. That’s because I’m here for the food y'know and regardless how much fun I'm having in bar, I’mma have to get myself some snacks soon after.

Fortunately, one of the best cocktail bars in Liverpool at the moment Aether has teamed up with Chinese street food traders Yu Donut to make sure you can get yourself some decent food whilst you’re drinking without having to move from your seat.

Aether, who are related to well-known cocktail aficionados The Alchemist, have taken over the space in Chavasse Park formerly occupied by Tavern on the Green and transformed it into a rather sumptuous and experimental cocktail lounge. 

The cocktails are split into four categories based around the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water (they all come from the aether- get it?) and they're just about as fancy as they come. My personal favourite, Pink Fizz (£10)  is a Turkish delight flavoured dream, heavy with Lanique, a a spirit made from fresh rose petals. The Whale Watcher (£8.50) comes with it's own iceberg and slide show of whales (not messing), whilst the Botany Bay (£9.50) arrives with a selection of with edible pebbles and a tray of sea shells. It's quite the experience!

Yu Donut first popped on to my radar after their residency in the Baltic Market and do Chinese-style street food, most notably a selection of savoury doughnuts. 

The doughnuts come filled with all sorts of good stuff ranging from sticky peking duck to chilli beef. They're glorious little bites but if you'd rather a more traditional doughnut there's a fortune cookies and creme option there too to keep you sweet.

Aside from the doughnuts there's also a few more familiar nibbles including prawn toast, veg gyoza and (really good) salt and pepper sui mai. Cantonese noodles are a heartier undertaking and just as moreish as the rest...though if you're on a date I don't recommend trying to slurp these up, they're a messy one!

Both the food and drinks here are absolute knockouts and complement each other perfectly.
Aether and Yu Donut- name me a better duo. I’ll wait.


I was invited for cocktails and food as part of a press event at Aether however this review was not required and is, as always, completely honest! I fully recommend a visit. 

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