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Yard and Coop Brunch Menu

I've got 4 words for you and I think you're gonna like them: fried chicken croissant taco.

Got your head around that yet? You did read it right. A fried chicken croissant taco. Also known as a ‘tacro’. 
There’s only one place in Liverpool that would dream up (and actually have the balls to sell) such a creation and that’s Hanover Street’s very own Yard and Coop.

You might have heard of Yard & Coop as they are, frankly, the Willy Wonkas of the Chicken world and the creative minds behind such infamous seasonal specials as the deep fried creme egg, the hot cross bun burger and, in the festive months, chicks in blankets

So, when I heard that Y&C had started doing brunch, and that the brunch menu was as ludicrously calorific as the rest of their specials I was intrigued. Does a load of individually good junk food loaded on top of more junk food make for a good breakfast? Or is it just another matter of style over substance? Sadly (for my waistline..and my doctor) I went to find out.

Whilst the tacros are, in my opinion, the most exciting part of the new brunch menu it certainly isn’t the only option. There’s also a pancake stack (with fried chicken, naturally) as well as the veggie tacros that do in fairness include some greenery. We sidestepped the possible nutritional value of the former options and instead made some room for the waffle burger. When in Rome, ey?

Two waffles (fully glazed) , topped with fried chicken, bacon and a fried egg. We already know fried chicken and waffles are a combo but the added saltiness of the bacon and a rich runny egg yolk was the perfect antidote to an otherwise overwhelming concoction.  My only gripe is that waffles are far sturdier than your average burger bun so actually picking it up and eating it like a burger is nigh on impossible- this plate needs a full dissection.

Now what we’re all here for: the tacro. All discussion about whether this is actually a taco will be left aside as that’s an issue for another day. It all starts with a teeny little croissant. The bottom is loaded up with scrambled eggs and topped with the famous Y&C fried chicken. What’s not to like so far? To counteract the rich, butteryness of the taco 'shell'  there's bacon bits and the crowning glory: spicy Adobe chilli mayonnaise. OK so the name sounds daft- but actually it was a really well-balanced, tasty little mouthful hitting all the major breakfast food groups except for the healthy ones...but we didn’t come here for that. 

If you aren’t here for something to soak up the pain of last night’s late night (this stuff would be a miracle hangover cure) then there’s also a couple of eye-wateringly strong cocktails on offer too. Much like the food menu they ain't for the faint-hearted.

Whilst the brunch menu at Yard and Coop is still only running on a trial basis (it’s here for one more weekend only!), I’ve got all my greasy fingers crossed those tacros will be staying for the long haul. If not? I’ll be back for the tots.

Find more info about Yard and Coop here

This brunch was gifted in exchange for an honest review! All words thoughts and options are, as always, completely my own. 

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