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The Liverpool Pizza A-Z

After the er.. 'roaring success' that was The Liverpool Burger A-Z, I've decided to continue this series of unnecessary alphabetised food lists almost a year later with a comprehensive list of everywhere decent to get a pizza.

Liverpool is bursting at the seams with the stuff at the minute and I, for one, certainly ain't complaining. From classic Italian to New York Style, the traditional to the ridiculous, monstrous sized slices and mini pizzettes we've got it all and I've (just about) found a pizza place for every letter of the whole goddam' alphabet. 

You are welcome.


East River

It's finally starting to look like summer here in the South of the city and what better way to spend it than in Allerton Road's very own homage to New York dining: East River.


Pilgrim @ Duke Street Market

Over the past couple of years food markets have been sprouting up across Liverpool faster than you can say 'ooh your buzzer's going!' and they've so far been an unquestionable success. If you fancy reading about why I think they're such a hit, I've written an article about it here. Now, just as we head into the depths of the summer, Liverpool have been hashtag blessed with another: this time in the form of the fabulous Duke Street Market.

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