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What's New, Liverpool? (Autumn Edition)

I'm well aware that most of you reading this won't have even realised I'd gone quiet but with my last post published way back in sunny August (!), this has probably been my longest break in posting on this site since I started it. With that said, i'm here, i'm back...ish and loads and loads of fun stuff has happened in the Liverpool food and drink scene over the past few months that I need to fill you in on.

So...what's been happening?

The Royal Albert Dock held it's first Feast Festival
I'm definitely taking the piss a bit with the lateness on this one since this was actually at the start of September (cue face-palm emoji), but it's still definitely worth bringing to your attention since a little birdie tells me this will likely be an annual event. With pop-up bars, music, a floating chef demo tent and cocktails it's all the fun of the old Liverpool Food Fest relocated to the most gorgeous of settings. Keep your eyes peeled for other events at the docks since I've heard they've got big plans for 2020.

Slims was reborn on Bold Street
Hearts were broken across the city last year when Slims Pork Chop Express announced they'd be closing their doors. Turns out we needn't have worried as it's recently re-opened as a younger, cooler version of itself in the form of Slims Diner on Bold Street. I haven't been for a proper meal there yet but I know for a fact that you can still get their Lo Pan Fries and that's all that matters really, isn't it?

Leaf came to Allerton
The fabulous Leaf have opened up their second Liverpool branch in the sunny suburbs of Smithdown Road, bringing with them their extensive loose leaf collection, tea-themed cocktails and a rather excellent breakfast menu (cc. that cinnamon toast). I've done a full review for Liverpool Confidential here if you want a more thorough account of what it's like.

Honest Burgers opened it's first Liverpool branch
I'm sure you're well aware by now but Brixton-born burger chain Honest Burgers have opened in Liverpool and the early reviews are good. Noted for their no-fuss burgers made with the best quality ingredients and their hand-made rosemary chips (hailed by Jay Rayner as the edible equivalent of crystal meth) they also partnered with the fabulous Hafla Hafla to create 'The Liverpool Burger'. Topped with salt and pepper halloumi and only available in our very own Bold Street branch this is definitely one to add to your hit list.

*Whilst we're on the topic of Hafla have you tried one of their Sunday Feasts yet? Un-be-lievable.

Aloha relaunched as NQ64 Arcade Bar
Whilst I can't say I'm not entirely disappointed I won't be able to get my mitts around a 10 quipiƱa colada served in a leaky pinapple on my next night out, I can't deny that the new NQ64 bar in the former Aloha looks pretty cool. Head down to the basement for a neon overload, retro arcade games and suitably themed cocktails.

Smoke and Dough has opened on the L1 terrace
The first restaurant that's dared to take the spot of the er... infamous Red Hot World Buffet, Smoke and Dough is an American-Italian restaurant with an all-you-can-eat concept. Starters and salads are brought to the table by the bucket load and the meat is served on a lava coal pit BBQ for you to share.

Duke Street Market started their new breakfast menu
The stunning Duke Street Market now do breakfast with a specialised menu split between a few of their traders. Head to meat-aficionados Bone & Block for steak, eggs and breakfast butties, Indigo Greens for a colourful take on a full-veggie or  try Finca for the most autumnal stack of pancakes you'll ever meet.

Flour will Fly have moved to Rudy's
I'll never stop telling everyone how much I love the pasta-making workshops at Flour Will Fly but now there's an extra reason to go: their new venue. Hosted in the beautiful Rudy's you'll be treated to a spritz (or a coffee) on arrival, make 2 different types of pasta from scratch and then celebrate how clever you are with a pizza at the end. The best way to spend a morning in my eyes.

Delifonseca opened their newly refurbished restaurant
Recently crowned as 'Restaurant of the Year' at the MIB Awards, Delifonseca have celebrated with a bang opening a huge new restaurant space at the side of their fabulous deli space on the docks. With a completely revamped menu , cocktails and wine list, it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon after spending your life savings on ice-cream in the shop (guilty).

Verdant on Allerton Road have re-opened as Bloom Bar & Bistro, a fresher take on their former restaurant. If you fancy dining under their signature floral canopy they're offering everything from breakfast through to evening mains and small plates and they're completely family-friendly, too.

Coming Soon...


The gorgeous Queens Avenue is getting it's own little bar and hideaway in the form of Abditory. Set to open this weekend, Abditory features funky decor and a menu of filled toasties, proper cocktails and a playlist that's set to be 'old school cool'.

Balls Deep
Not enjoying your night out? Will a giant adult-only ball pit make things better? I've got the fear of these things from drowning in them as a kid so can't even imagine what it would be like after a few of the 'balls deep' signature cocktails... but you can't knock it until you've tried it, ey?

Six by Nico
Chef and owner Nico Simeone has already had loads of success with his fine-dining concept restaurants Six by Nico in several other cities and he'll be opening his newest branch right here in Liverpool. The menu will change to a different theme every six weeks with a suitable wine pairing to match so if it doesn't quite float your boat this time there's multiple opportunities to visit. The theme of the launch menu in Liverpool? Chippie Tea.

Pins Liverpool x Rocket and Ruby
Whilst it's a shame that Rocket and Ruby will be leaving their Castle Street home the good news is they're not gone completely. Relocated inside our newest upcoming bowling alley, R&R alongside sister restaurant Bacaro will be providing all the late-night snacks at Pins.

The clever clogs behind some of Liverpool's best (Volpi, Belzan) have teamed up with London taco giants Breddo's Tacos to bring an enormous taqueria to the Liverpool waterfront. Featuring tacos alongside larger sharing dishes, Madre aims to showcase the best that Mexico City has to offer: margaritas and all.

That's all I've got for now...sorry it's late (!) and if I've missed anywhere dead obvious please slide into my DM's and let me know about it!



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