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Best Liverpool Eats of 2019

I get embarrassingly emotional at this time of year so I'll keep this little intro short and sweet. This is, at the end of the day, a food blog not a diary of my personal life so I'm just going to tell you what some of the best things I've eaten in Liverpool this year are and then I'll be on my way. 
Have a good one! x

In no particular order....

1. The Vada Pav at Bundobust

I was mega excited when Bundobust opened in Liverpool this summer and with good reason. Restaurants like this have a reputation that precedes them and frankly I already knew what I'd be ordering before their pastel painted walls had even dried. Their Indian veggie street food is hard to go wrong with (the tikka paneer is great) but it's the Vada Pav that I'll be going back for. A brioche bun filled with a ball of spiced, fried mashed potato and chutneys. So good it's got its own merch...honestly.

2. The Liverpool Burger at Honest Burgers

As much as I'll forever be a fan girl for my favourite indie burger bar Free State Kitchen, I need to give credit where it's due. London born brand Honest Burgers opened on Bold St a few months back bringing with them a local speciality burger like no other. Choosing to collaborate with Scouse traders Hafla Hafla they whacked a whole load of salt and pepper halloumi on top of their famous patties and the result is pretty damn wonderful. Their Christmas burger gets a mention here too.

3.  The Savoury Doughnuts from Yu Donut

It breaks my heart that this one was just a pop-up at Aether this summer but I'm positive we'll be seeing them again at some point in 2020. Their lovely little doughnuts come packed with all sorts of Chinese goodies including peking duck, tofu, chilli beef and my personal favourite- Cantonese pork. Served with cucumber, spring onions and a side of crunchy Asian slaw I reckon it was the best bar snack I've had all year.

4. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken at Maray

Imagine having a 'best eats' list and not including anything from Maray...I could never. Whilst they're renowned for their veggie offering  and rightfully so, it's their fried chicken that gets my heart going just that little bit faster. Strips of crispy chicken are coated in a sticky harissa sauce and served with aioli, fresh lime and pickles. It's about as classy and attractive as fried chicken comes.

5. The Turkish Kebabs at Istanbul

I reckon the reason I'm drawn to food like this is that I just love picky bits. Bread, nibbles, dips I love it all and the Turkish puff bread at Istanbul Woolton is about as dippy as it comes. Starters aside, their Iskender Tavuk kebab is eye-rollingly good. Chargrilled chicken in a rich, creamy yoghurt sauce is served with hot pitta (for more dunking action), crispy salad and bulgar wheat. I have not stopped thinking about it.

6. The Middle-Eastern Roast Dinner at Hafla Hafla

Hafla have already had a mention on this list for their noteworthy contributions to Liverpool-themed burgers but it'd be rude to leave them off the list when they are churning out roast dinner platters that look like this. Their Middle-Eastern inspired Sunday lunch comes with a mountain of spiced veg, tahini mash, shwarma gravy and a number of other deeeeeeee-licious little bites. Your mum's roast will never be the same again...sorry.

7. The Croquette Fest at Albert's Schenke

Getting the counterpart to the popular Manchester bar Albert's Shloss was one of the most exciting openings for me this year. Finally, a chance to get my mitts around that unbelievable truffle Alpine mash without having to leave the city centre and you can bet it was just as good as I remember. Just as good at Albert's Schenke are the croquettes and the only thing better than a croquette is 9 of them, 3 of each flavour to be precise. Pulled lamb, cheese and ham and minted pea- each one as good as the last.

8. The Fanciest Sausage Roll at Six by Nico

I'd be hard pressed to choose a dish from the Six by Nico 'Chippie' menu that I didn't think was absolutely wonderful. The 'chips and cheese' croquette with parmesan foam for example or the deep fried mars bar dessert with orange syrup were both ones that'll stick with me for a while. The 'smoked sausage' course however was right up my street with rich pork meat, crispy pastry and black pudding nestled in between different variaions of sharp green apple. Did I mention it came under a smoke-filled cloche and was revealed like a magic trick at the table? That's the kind of extra OTT energy we need to be taking into next year people.

9. The Prettiest Potato Terrine at Pilgrim

I spent far too much time watching programmes about food but no more so than when I know it involves Liverpool. So, when I heard that Matt from Graffiti Spirits was in the market for a new Liverpool restaurant I was obligated to tune in to Million Pound Menu to find out what we might have coming. Luckily for us we got Pilgrim, the flagship restaurant on the top floor of Duke Street Market. Whilst each and every dish offers a sophisticated taste of the Camino di Santiago it was the potato terrina with lentils and a smoky charcoal aioli that I'll remember it by.

10.  The Seafood Lingunie at Cucina di Vincenzo

If you held a gun to my head and forced me to choose one restaurant to go to for the rest of my life (not sure why anybody would do this but you see my point) then I'd have to go with Vincenzo. There's nothing on that menu that isn't lovingly cooked and beautifully presented and their lobster ravioli is my go-to Birthday dinner every year. That said, I branched out last time and went for something different. An absolute mountain of pasta with more fish in it than the Blue Planet. Truffle fries optional and unnecessary but highly recommended.

Happy New Year!



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