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RECIPE: Mini Apple Pies

If there's one good thing to have in the freezer at times like this then it's ready-made pastry. I know that sounds like literally the most ridiculous thing to stock up on but almost everything is made better with its presence. You can wrap sausages in it, make pie crusts, use it as the base for veggie tarts and tray bakes and, best of all, add almost anything sweet to it make it into dessert. Don't believe me? Fill it with nutella and bake it and I'll accept your apologies later.


RECIPE: (Very) Rocky Road

Given how much I like to cook it was only a matter of time really before my half-arsed recipes made it onto my blog, and with restaurant reviewing currently of the window, now seems like a good time to post my first. It seems a bit cheeky to call this a recipe since it's so straightforward a chimp of above average intelligence could probably manage it. It involves no baking, very little measuring and is essentially just a load of snacks mixed together in a bowl. Perfect!


Lockdown with the LIDS

It's been a couple of weeks now since my last post and I hope that life in lockdown is starting to feel a little bit less daunting. One of the things I mentioned was that whilst our indie businesses, bars and restaurants are closed I still wanted to support them if I could providing, of course, that it was safe to do so. With takeaway food still being blessed by the UK Gov and a new system of doorstep deliveries making it entirely contact free, it's been pretty easy to keep on getting good food without having to step foot outside my house.

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