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A week shopping at Jack's (ad)

I make no secret of the fact that I try and spend as little on my food shop as possible, purely because that means I have more of my wages left for eating out at the end of the month and it astounds me how much it adds up when you're 'popping in for bits' multiple times a week (guilty).

With that in mind I was a wee bit excited when the people from Jack's supermarkets got in touch and asked if I'd like to have a go of shopping there for a week instead of my usual won't-name-it-European-shop that is conveniently located right by my house. Aldi. It's Aldi.

Jack's kindly sent me over a £40 voucher to spend at my discretion and I am not lying when I say I STRUGGLED to spend it all in one go. We headed to our nearest one which is around Wavertree ways and managed to get our weekly food shop boxed off along with a few unnecessary impulse buys and still have money left on the card. I ended up leaving it by the trolleys like you would do with a day rider so someone else could take advantage of the rest- and I hope they did.

So- what did we get for our money?:

1) Potatoes, leeks, apples and sausages to make Sausage and Mash Pie- a new Jamie Oliver recipe that I couldn't get out of my head. Mine was delicious but looked like a dog's dinner compared to Jamie's effort so I'll leave the photo out of this for your benefit. 

2) Birdseye battered fish fillets, mushy peas and brioche burger buns to make my version of this Chip-Shop Bap. It's divided the crowd on my Instagram but after my post-work swim on a Tuesday it's the ONLY thing that hits the spot. Side note: Jack's actually have loads of big brands!

3) Nuggets and Beans because adults need a kiddie tea sometimes too. I used the rest of the spuds to make my own wedges- just cut them up and put them in the oven with some oil and you're done.

4) Flour and cooking chocolate so I could make these incredible Colin the Caterpillar truffles from Phoebe Bakes.  Obviously Colin's head isn't from Jacks but there was loads of baking stuff there so I took the opportunity to refresh some of my supplies.

5) A huge tub of sweets because I'm a teacher and sometimes bribery is the only thing that works.

6) Milk, bread, toilet roll. All the essentials.

7) A mixture of sauces for the cupboard that I use all the time.  The terikyaki goes into noodles and fried rice, the chipotle is incredible smothered on chicken or mixed into yoghurt and the Thai paste gets mixed with coconut milk and a few prawns for the easiest mid-week dinner.

8) Fresh tortellini. Another 5 minute winner that does the trick after a long day...I added the chorizo because I add chorizo to everything. Don't ask.

9) Some coloured fineliner pens because I am a magpie for stationery and they were a bargain and last but not least...

10) a big bottle of Heinz ketchup because it is probably the only brand I won't compromise on.

Overall an excellent haul from Jacks with a good mixture of own-brand and big-name products. I bought enough food for the week plus a load of unnecessary bits too and still had change left over from £40. Definitely worth a look if there's one by you! 

More information on their website here.


This post is kindly sponsored by Jack's but as always all thoughts, opinions, photographs and bad jokes are entirely my own. x


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