Let's talk chicken.

After a busy (read:mental) day in work I found myself wandering down Bold Street, delirious and hungry, in search of food. Koop had already been recommended to me a number of times so when I caught sight of the neon sign above the door I knew that was where I had to eat.

Stepping inside, the restaurant decor was exactly what I was hoping for. Graffiti walls, tin cutlery holders and big lights- just the ticket for shameless Friday night feasting. Initially it was very quiet- there audio kept going on and off leaving us briefly in an awkward silence perusing the menu. However, this was soon rectified and we enjoyed the rest of our meal listening to the dulcet tones of Lana del Ray.


Big Bowl Noodle Bar

Review- Big Bowl Noodle Bar

On Tuesday my friends and I FINALLY managed to arrange a catch-up meal without one of us cancelling. We didn’t want anywhere fussy (requiring booking) so decided to pop in for some Chinese food after work. Lucky for us, we ended up at Big Bowl.

We started with some Ice Teas and a Watermelon Cooler before settling down to peruse the menu.

Big Bowls, Big Menus


Pick of the Bunch- Liverpool Pizza

Pick of the Bunch- My top 3 Pizza Places in Liverpool

I'd be lying if I say I liked pizza. In reality, I am obsessed with pizza, I worship it. I have sleepless nights dreaming about stringy cheese and crispy pepperoni. I'm not fussy either. I'll have posh pizza with expensive toppings and I'll eat it with a glass of equally expensive wine and (sorry, not sorry) a knife and fork. OR (more commonly) I'll shove it into my face at 5am in the back of a taxi, order one in my pyjamas after a big night out or slide one into the oven when I get home from a busy day in work.

 My idea of a balanced buffet.

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