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Mr Lau's

Dim Sum Delights at Mr Laus

Me and Chinese food have fallen out of love recently. Once inseparable, I grew bored of ordering the same luminous orange sweet and sours I once adored, the same soggy spring rolls I would once have relished and the same limp prawn toast I would once have Instagrammed proudly with a few love heart emojis.

Fortunately, this weekend I was swept of my feet by an incredible Dim Sum place just a bit further afield from my usual city centre haunts. It's called Mr Laus, it's in Warrington, and it is 100% worth the trip.

Just like the decor, the food here is cool, original and modern. The only problem you'll have is being absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering. If only the menu was a little bigger...

Making snap food decisions isn't my strong suit but with a cocktail in hand plus recommendations from Hungry Harriet lingering about in my mind we went for it and ordered up a few bowls from the delicious-sounding Dim Sum menu to start w…

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