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If you're anything like me, you reacquaint youself with the contents of the drinks cabinet at even the faintest first glimmer of sunshine. So when the warm weather finally made it's grand re-appearance last weekend, I was delighted to find myself sitting in Emily's bar with a prosecco in hand, ready for a whole afternoon of fun in the sun.

Emilys is in Warrington and located right next door to Mr Laus. Why was I there? Cocktails. Specifically, home-made ones. We started off our cocktail making masterclass by shaking up two of my faves- French Martini's.

Before swiftly moving on to something a little stronger in the form of a Long Island Iced Tea.

We worked away behind the bar under strict supervision of the Head Bartender,Yani, who (very very patiently) taught us how to pour, mix, shake and serve like a pro.
After all that hard work, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour outside in the sunshine.

Three drinks in the middle of the afternoon (and *ahem* one particularly str…

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