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What we ate in...Bratislava and Vienna

I'm well aware that I've taken my sweet time getting this post up- you've all been on tenterhooks I'm sure. But life comes at you fast as they say and, aside from being one busy little bee, I was unsure whether to even post this one.
You see, I know you come here for the Liverpool based food inspo- the clue's in the name, but I do leave this side of the Mersey occasionally and often those posts go down well. You saw my trip to Madrid, right? Far be it for me to profess I know the ins and outs of where to eat in these places after only a few days there, but I like to share what we had in the hopes that some intrepid holiday planners like myself will find comfort knowing there is a decent place to get a doughnut cone in Hungary.

The truth is though, we went to Slovakia and we much nothing Slovakian. As much as I insisted we try the National dish-Halu┼íky- by the time the evening rolled around each night my little frozen brain couldn't be tempted by …

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