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Valentine's Day at Jacks (AD)

It's that time of the year again to get on board with the PDA, the TLC and any other affectionate acronyms you can think of. I am, of course, talking about Valentine's Day and the good people at Jacks Supermarket challenged me to pick up something special for my other half during my essential shop this week.


Restaurants in a Box PT1- Home by Nico

I'll lead with the fact that when it comes to Home by Nico this is not my first rodeo. The dine at home meal kit from Six by Nico first launched over the summer lockdown and of course I had ample opportunity to try it then. I tried their French meal kit for my lockdown birthday and I even managed to get a quick review of their Italian themed box published on Liverpool Confidential- if you fancy reading that one the link is here

Restaurant in a Box- Home by Nico

Fast forward a few months and surprise surprise we are still very much on lockdown but Home by Nico have changed up a few things. Earlier last month they launched the Nationwide food and drinks service Home - X and they're now running their dine at home boxes from there. This is good for a few reasons- it means there's no need to leave your house and it also means you can get your hands on one whether you have a Nico in your city or not (previously it was collections only). 

Home by Nico Wine Pairing

All the boxes are dispatched and sent via DPD, the bottoms are filled to the brim with ice packs to keep things cool and fresh and you'll get a day and a time to expect your new arrival. Veggies are now catered for too which seems to have been a bit of an oversight with the original boxes and, in another positive move the packaging is now nearly 100% recyclable. The sea turtles are thrilled.

The boxes are enormous and arrive perfectly packaged with everything you need to create a themed four-course menu including a set of instructions, garnishes for each dish and a bottle of wine to go with it. The 'cooking' part is mostly just warming things up so the only stress is trying to plate it nicely which I swear is always harder than you think it is.

This month's menu was as follows...

The starter: Hot and Sour Tom Yum soup with prawn dumplings- a really light, herby broth packing a sneaky hit of chilli at the end.

The main course was the favourite- a creamy Panang red curry sauce with slow roasted chicken, sweet potato, baby corn, herbs and pak choi. Excuse the slippers... I like to be comfy when I eat.

On the side we had crispy pork Pad Thai with Prik Nam Pa dressing, mooli, rice noodles and peanuts along with fragrant jasmine rice with lemongrass and lime leaf. 

Each box comes with a cheese and chutney course which isn't really my thing so my partner took full advantage of that one whilst I made light work of the the dessert instead. Coconut and cardamom rice pudding gently warmed through on the hob topped with salted caramel and an 'exotic' fruit compote was just as comforting to make as it was to eat  (though admittedly my plating ability leaves a lot to be desired).

Each box comes in at £60 for two and includes a starters, mains, sides, a cheese course, dessert and a bottle of wine-the delivery is completely free.

You can find more information or grab your own Bangkok Box on the website here.

Becky x

*In the interests of full disclosure I have been working with Six by Nico for a few months as one of their ambassadors. This box was kindly sent for free however I had no obligation to post about it and as always thoughts are all entirely honest and my own.


The A-Z Liverpool Gift Guide 2020

It's one thing to have the intention of supporting small businesses at Christmas time but when the festive season rolls around and everything descends into madness it's all too easy to grab the first thing you come across in the Asda, stick a bow on it and call it a day (guilty and not sorry). 

To make it a bit easier to shop small this Christmas I've put together a list of local, independent Liverpool businesses, makers, bakers and sellers to inspire your shopping. Not only will you be supporting the local economy but you've got the opportunity to get something handmade, unique, personalised and sent with loads of love.

(Side note: I started this list pre-lockdown 2.0 so some of these shops may not be open to visit in person at the moment but hopefully they will be soon! Shopping small can understandably be a bit pricier so just want to add that if you're struggling this Christmas there's nothing wrong at all with shopping wherever you can or skipping the gifts altogether this year. As our big green friend The Grinch once discovered: this time of year is about friends, family and good vibes- the presents are just the cherry on top.)

With all that said....let's get started.

A is for Artists

If there's one thing guaranteed to brighten up your living situation it's a framed picture from one of Liverpool's many incredible artists and designers. For dreamy images of the city I've purchased loads already from Helen Louise Design, for colourful, quirky images that can be personalised to include you and your mates Jess Hanko Art is your gal and, known for her iconic murals dotted across the city, Jazz Stan is now selling full sized originals on canvas. See also: Sean Webster illustrations.


Spooky Season at Spitroast Crosby

There's no denying that I enjoy these autumnal months the best. Aside from living in perpetual darkness, the sight of the leaves crisping up and turning 50 shades of red and then stomping through them like a 4 year old is the ultimate chicken-soup-for-the-soul activity. I like being able to see my own breath when I get up in the mornings. I like being able to wear pyjamas made entirely of fluff and I like lighting enough candles around my bath to look like I'm trying to have a séance with 'the other side'. That's not even to mention the food.

Spitroast Crosby (There's one on Smithdown and in Ormskirk, too!)

I'm sure you're all well aware right now that I often visit and fully recommend Spitroast Kitchen. It's reasonably priced, it's pretty healthy (depending on your order) and yes- all the chicken is cooked right in the flames on a spitroast...that's probably why it tastes so good. 

As a creature of habit I am guilty of ordering the same exact thing each time I visit: half a chicken, chilli and garlic greens and sweet potato fries. Whilst I still maintain that it's a winning combo, the folks at Spitroast invited me in this time to try something different and see what I thought of the new 'Spooky Specials'. Unsurprisingly we got on very well indeed.

Spooky Specials Menu at Spitroast Crosby

The seasonal menu starts as all great weeknights do- with cocktails. The blackberry and plum margarita is sharp and sour and is just the antidote I need to get me through a miserable Thursday night. The gingerbread daquiri with cinnamon sugar tastes of pure Christmas in a glass. Both are a little strong though so drink them fast at your own peril.

Autumnal Cocktails

We share the Spitroast hummus for starters which may be simple but is always excellent. The main course however is the star of the menu. Roast pumpkin, chicken and chorizo linguini comes with soft courgettes, a mountain of salty parmesan shavings and a whole chicken breast: skin on. Say what you will about health but the skin is the best part of the chicken in my eyes.

Hummus, toasted pita and pomegranate

Not just chicken- seasonal pasta at Spitroast Kitchen

Of course if seasonal ain't your style the regular menu is still as good as ever and even has a few new arrivals of it's own. The new sweet and sour sauce, for example,  might have even managed to beat the sticky soy to the top spot of glazes and I spied some incredible sounding wontons in amongst the starters.

Sticky wings...'soy' delicious.

Sweet n sour drumsticks- the new kid on the block

Dessert is about as autumnal as it comes. Sweet arancini (deep fried rice balls) come with a tangy apple,  toffee sauce and ice cream. 

Add caption

Of course the bittersweet thing about autumn is that it doesn't last long so if you want to get your mittens on the seasonal specials at Spitroast Kitchen you better get your skates on.

Happy Halloween! x


This meal was kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review but as always all words, thoughts, pictures and bad jokes are 100% my own.


A week shopping at Jack's (ad)

I make no secret of the fact that I try and spend as little on my food shop as possible, purely because that means I have more of my wages left for eating out at the end of the month and it astounds me how much it adds up when you're 'popping in for bits' multiple times a week (guilty).

With that in mind I was a wee bit excited when the people from Jack's supermarkets got in touch and asked if I'd like to have a go of shopping there for a week instead of my usual won't-name-it-European-shop that is conveniently located right by my house. Aldi. It's Aldi.


One Day in Liverpool

It's been a quiet few months in Liverpool but as the city slowly starts to wake up from it's Covid-induced slumber it's more important now than ever that we support local businesses and attractions in their first tentative steps back to normality. To help us with this, our very own tourist board Visit Liverpool have launched a new campaign which aims to remind locals how fabulous our city is and get them to fall in love with it all over again through visiting some of our best spots and seeing the city 'like a tourist' might do.

Love Your Liverpool

Eat Out to Help Out- Liverpool

Aside from the fact I think whoever named this scheme should be sacked, the #eatouttohelpout campaign (the government's latest recovery incentive) is good excuse to get back out into 'normality' and support your favourite Liverpool restaurants at a discount without you, or the businesses losing out.

The scheme will start from Monday 3rd August until the end of the month and will only run Monday-Wednesday. It gives you 50% off food and soft drinks up to the value of £10 per person, but it doesn't include booze...sorry. Not all restaurants will be taking part so check before you go! There's a comprehensive list on the Gov website but I've cherry picked some of the best here (i.e I've removed all of the subways etc) and I'll update this regularly when I come across any others!

Happy Eating x


RECIPE: The BEST Salt 'n' Pepper Wedges

It says a lot about me as a person that one of my best and only memories of sixth form is walking down to the chippy and getting salt and pepper chips for lunch - for that I have Georgios II to thank.  The first time I had them I think I nearly fell over from how good they were and I've been seeking out that sweet, salty, spicy flavour on everything ever since.


DIY Pizza with Fritto

I'll start with the obvious here: I'm no stranger to a pizza. After a teenage career spinning dough in Dominos, I've since tried my making my own at The Baltic Pizza Co and, more recently, spent a shameful number of hours putting together my A-Z list of Liverpool pizza joints.  

Incidentally, one of the places on that list is Fritto- and no it's not under 'F',  it's under 'X'... because, let's face it, the list is a shambles. Usually based at the Kazimier gardens, Fritto are mostly known for their Italian street food including their signature panzerotto- deep-fried calzone pizza. I finally had one of these when I went away last year and it's every bit as filthy & delicious as it looks.


RECIPE: Mini Apple Pies

If there's one good thing to have in the freezer at times like this then it's ready-made pastry. I know that sounds like literally the most ridiculous thing to stock up on but almost everything is made better with its presence. You can wrap sausages in it, make pie crusts, use it as the base for veggie tarts and tray bakes and, best of all, add almost anything sweet to it make it into dessert. Don't believe me? Fill it with nutella and bake it and I'll accept your apologies later.


RECIPE: (Very) Rocky Road

Given how much I like to cook it was only a matter of time really before my half-arsed recipes made it onto my blog, and with restaurant reviewing currently of the window, now seems like a good time to post my first. It seems a bit cheeky to call this a recipe since it's so straightforward a chimp of above average intelligence could probably manage it. It involves no baking, very little measuring and is essentially just a load of snacks mixed together in a bowl. Perfect!


Lockdown with the LIDS

It's been a couple of weeks now since my last post and I hope that life in lockdown is starting to feel a little bit less daunting. One of the things I mentioned was that whilst our indie businesses, bars and restaurants are closed I still wanted to support them if I could providing, of course, that it was safe to do so. With takeaway food still being blessed by the UK Gov and a new system of doorstep deliveries making it entirely contact free, it's been pretty easy to keep on getting good food without having to step foot outside my house.

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