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You've reached Eat Liverpool- a food and drink blog owned and created by a local Liverpool girl with eyes permanently bigger than her belly. My name is Becky and here you'll find everything you'll ever need to know about eating, drinking or exploring in Liverpool.

This blog is a few years old now and is a complete passion project, born from a love of eating, writing, supporting local business and promoting everything that is wonderful about my home city.

I run this website and related social media part-time as well as working as a full time primary school teacher, freelance review writing for the likes of Liverpool Confidential. Liverpool Noise and Design my Night, home baking, embroidery and even a little bit of design work.

I like to think this blog will be useful for locals and tourists alike and my inbox is always open for suggestions, questions and collaborations alike- just head over to my contact page

Happy Eating!
Becky x


Do you get paid to review places on your blog?
The short answer is no. I run this blog mostly as a hobby and I am very rarely asked to post specific content on here. Where this does occasionally happen these posts will be marked as AD as I have been asked to post on my blog specifically. Most companies who ask for this want a specific blog post to raise their online profile and have specific content in mind. 99% of the time I choose what makes it on to my website depending on what I feel like writing about.

Do you ask restaurants for free food?
No, never. Sometimes a restaurant will offer a gifted meal in exchange for social coverage but this has always come directly from them. I have never and will never message a business asking for handouts. 

How does a gifted meal work?
As mentioned above sometimes restaurants or restaurant PR's will reach out to me to ask if I will come for a gifted meal in exchange for coverage on my Instagram page. When this is the case the terms are clearly discussed and I go on the grounds that my reviews and write ups will still be a true reflection of my opinions. 

Have you ever done a bad review?
I was always taught that when you have nothing nice to say you should keep your mouth shut and that's generally the rule I like to follow. I have, in the past, tried to be more critical of places I've visited but only in the interests of being fair and transparent with my readers. In general I tend to avoid places I know I won't like so the chances of me going somewhere awful are very slim. If it does happen I'd prefer to say nothing at all than spend a hours writing a negative review online. At the end of the day it's somebody's business and livelihood and I have no right to do any damage to that regardless of my own personal feelings. If you want to know my opinions on somewhere you're best dropping me a private message.

Can you recommend somewhere for xyz?
It'd be my pleasure- let me know what you're after and for how many people and I'll do my best to recommend somewhere fab. 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Liverpool at the moment?
This changes weekly- keep an eye on my Insta for places I'm currently loving. 

What camera do you use?
Just my iPhone and some good natural lighting!

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