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5 Fab Things I ate in....September and October

As usual my good intentions to make this type of round-up up a monthly feature fell pitifully at the first hurdle, in other words: a busy few weeks at my day job. That means this months fab-food recommendations come 2 in 1: the highlights of two months worth of basic bitch, autumn themed, pumpkin-spiced deliciousness. In no particular order...

Beef Short Rib- Pen Factory

I'd need more than two hands to count the number of times I've popped into The Pen Factory for a drink but for some reason the opportunity to order from their menu has always eluded me. Their new, ever-evolving small plates menu is a sophisticated and original pick 'n' mix that suits their cool, academic clientele to a tee. Whilst their staple of hummus and chips is inexplicably delicious, their beef short rib stole the crown for me (and for Remy too by the looks of it).

Cinnamon and Apple Spiced Cake- The Watering Can

The Watering Can do a cracking breakfast but have you ever just been for a cake? My pick of their groaning cake counter has to be this autumnal delight with chunks of apple, a touch of warming cinnamon and a heavy hand with the frosting. Get some to take home. 

Pumpkin Pizza- Rudy's

I've made no secret of my love for the pizza at Rudy's but their new venue that has recently opened at the top of Bold Street somehow makes the experience even better. Their seasonal slice- a sweet pumpkin puree base with hot, smoky n'duja sausage and peppers was the perfect balance of flavour and spice. Hopefully this or a similar iteration manages to take up a permanent spot on their menu. 

Cinful Cookie- Dumb Dough

If you haven't had one of Dumb Dough's enormous cookies yet I insist you add them to your to-do list. Their new batch of Autumnal flavours were limited edition so you might not be able to get your hands on this exact one but I’ve tried multiple flavours and none will disappoint, The autumnal ‘Cinful’ cookie is a blend of cinnamon dough, pumpkin spiced cake, white chocolate, golden oreos and an oozy salted caramel core. Surprisingly, not too sweet and unsurprisingly: delish. Order on their website here. 

Pollo Milanese- Vincenzo

Like most people I'm a creature of habit when it comes to ordering food, my go-to at Vincenzo is always the lobster ravioli and for good reason, too. Something compelled me to go rogue this time though and I am glad I did. The Pollo Milanese at Vincenzo is bigger than your head, alongside a big bowl of fresh tomato spaghetti and a generous serving of parmesan it's managed to earn a place as one of my fantasy ‘Off Menu’ podcast choices. 

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