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Bringing Liverpool’s first bean-to-bar chocolate to the Table.

It would be all to easy for this post to quickly descend in to a gushing ode to one of Liverpool’s coolest cafès bars: Ropes & Twines, but it’s not their passion for great coffee or carefully curated wine list that we’re here to dissect today, rather something a little more unusual. For in the basement of the aforementioned cafè comes a chocolate workshop and production line that would make Wonka himself start to sweat. Meet Table Chocolate, Liverpool’s first (and only) bean-to-bar chocolatiers.

Like all great ideas, R&T owner Tian decided he was going to make his own chocolate after a few drinks too many. One phone call to his old friend Remy (a master pastry chef, as it happens) and a few months of waiting out the pandemic pandemic and Remy moves his entire family from Argentina to Liverpool to start bringing the idea to life.

Whilst making great tasting chocolate is the goal, it’s the underlying principals of ensuring fairness and equality at every step of the production process that makes this endeavour different. Table Chocolate is about traceability, ethics and sustainability starting from the farmers who produce the cacao beans right up to the customers in store. ‘That’s where the name comes from’, Tian explains, ‘We wanted the whole process to be transparent… like we’re laying it all out on the table’. 

Table currently have 4 different chocolate bars on sale, all produced in house including the grinding, tempering, pouring and packaging and the result is a super high- quality, luxury product. The current range of bars include two darker chocolate bars (Tanzania & Madagascar), a Haiti milk (my personal favourite, with hints of banana and toffee) and a Nicaraguan white. You can get them in store at Ropes & Twines as well as a few other select suppliers. 

Have a look on the website here if you want to know more and keep an eye out to see what’s next from Table Chocolate. If you’re lucky you might be able to go and see how it’s done & make your own bar at some point in the future & if their Easter egg selection was anything to go by, the Christmas collection will be nothing short of sensational. 

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