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5 Fab things I've eaten in Liverpool recently

Well, well well, it's been a while hasn't it! I won't bore you with the story of why I've been missing again as we all know it's part and parcel of the Eat Liverpool way of life by now. So, let's get stuck in: here's 5 fab things I've eaten recently that have reserved a special spot in my brain and in my stomach.

1. The fennel sausage pappardelle from The Buyers Club

I'd confidently name the Buyers Club as one of my top restaurants in Liverpool at the moment thanks to it's laid back atmosphere, eternal summer garden and effortlessly cool staff and bar menu. Don't be fooled though- the food isn't an afterthought, in fact it's really, really good. Starters centre around sharers and nibbles: think polenta fries, cacio e pepe butterbeans and fresh burrata with grilled peaches. The pasta however is the star of the show, made fresh in house every day it's just perfect simple, solid cooking. The fennel sausage pappardelle is my favourite but the lamb shoulder ragu also deserves a special mention on account of how much my friend group order it.

2. Homemade cannoli at Flour Will Fly

If you've been here a while you'll have already heard me harping on about the fabulous Flour Will Fly, an indie business run by ultimate girl boss and all-round lovely person Paola. Paola's been teaching novice Scousers to make authentic pasta from scratch for a while but now she's now taking it one step further with her cannoli classes. Is it trickier than making pasta? Yep. It's worth it though when you come out with a box of your own, handmade cannoli filled with ricotta and dunked in glace cherries and pistachios. Molto bene!

3. The mother of all sharing boards at Spice Thai in the Baltic Market

It's been a while since I picked the Baltic Market as a dinner destination but I'll confidently say I think the food has gotten loads better since my last trip pre-lockdown. Everything on the Vietnom menu is worth a trip in itself and Little Furnace doing the best pizza in Liverpool is a hill I'll happily die on. One of the lesser known vendors, Spice Thai, do this incredible sharer platter of all their best bits and each element is it's own hero. The best part is that the whole thing will cost you just shy of £13, cheap dinner date or what?

4. 'New Liverpool' Chowder at Barnacle

If you aren't up to speed just yet then Barnacle is the latest flagship restaurant on the mezzanine of Duke St Market. At the helm is Liverpool legend Paul 'Porky' Askew with Barnacle existing as a *slightly* more casual version of its fabulous sister venue The Art School. By casual I mean it's located within the hustle and bustle of the market and it's dog friendly...on all other fronts it's an up-market dining experience at a pretty steep price point above the rest of the market's offerings. Don't miss the Liverpool Chowder currently on the starters menu, a nod to the city's maritime past with fresh seafood enveloped in a silky cream sauce. Cold glass of white wine is a must.

5. Gordon Ramsay's signature Beef Welly at Bread St Kitchen

It's rare that a dish like this would make it on to a list like this since a big 'ol hunk of meat isn't usually my thing (insert jokes here). This one, however, was ordered for me as part of a tasting menu at Gordon Ramsay's new Liverpool outpost: Bread St Kitchen. This is the kitchen's gold star dish and it's easy to see why. This is the Cosmo cover girl of beef wellys and I haven't even airbushed it...it's naturally this gorgeous. Fancy it? Don't scrimp on the sides, the carrots and the mash were fought over just as ardently as the main event.

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