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Courtyard Bar and Kitchen

Dinner with a View at Courtyard BK


Am I a Coffee Expert? Well, no.

Coffee Tasting at Coffee and Fandisha

I love the smell of coffee and the idea of coffee but when it comes to drinking it I'm your basic annoying decaf-soy-vanilla type of girl. With that in mind, when the opportunity came up for me to attend a Coffee Tasting workshop at the beautiful Coffee and Fandisha I was excited to see whether I had what it took to be a full-time coffee taster. (I'll give you a heads up- I don't).


The Time of Our Lives with Liverpool Gin

Gin Drinking & Dirty Dancing

I have a lot to thank Liverpool Gin for. Namely, getting me hooked on the stuff and allowing me to finally enter adulthood by finding 'my drink'. I had gin down as just 'alright' until I tried a classic Liverpool Gin down at The Belvedere and since then I've become somewhat of a G&T aficionado. 
A G&TA,  if you will.


The To-Eat List- Where to Try Next?

My Liverpool Food 'To-Eat- List

As my friends, family and colleagues will testify, I am extremely organised. I write to-do lists multiple times a day and then re-write them again but with better handwriting,in various colours, highlight them, tick them off, and then re-write all over again. Aside form the usual lists (what we need from the shop) I have an ongoing 'to-eat' list. A list of places I want to try or haven't been to yet.

Liverpool's burgeoning status as a foodie destination partnered with the fact that sadly, I have to work for a living, has ultimately ensured this list is never (and will never) be complete. Unless I win the lottery of course- in which case I'll try them all in one obscene week of feasting and never return. There are so many new restaurants, cafes, bars, pop-ups, food trucks and 'collabs' that I just can not keep up. But for now- here are the places I've got my eye on. Friends, if you want to know where I want to go next time I see you then pay close attention.

1. Petit Parle* (Now Closed!)
When it comes to different cuisines Liverpool has most of the map covered- Turkish, Brazilian, Thai, Lebanese, Peruvian- you name it we've got it. There was, however, a decidedly French shaped hole in our culinary offering which has now been filled with Parisian eatery Petit Parle. One look at their fantastique Insta page has left me dreaming of sticky tarte tatin, melty cheeses and glass upon glass of red wine. 


Free Shake Fridays at Archies

Free Shake Fridays at Archies 

 I love a good meal. Often the fancier, the better, but I am only human. What I mean by that is that sometimes (many times) I can't resist the lure of the golden arches. Some days are not meant for home-cooked goodness. Some days are too tough for three courses. Some days you just need some food. fast. and that is A-O-K.


Gelato and Curry at Rumi by Bukhara

We need to have a chaat about Rumi

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