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2017- A Year in Food

Like most people, I attach key moments of my life to specific foods, meals, smells and tastes. Just as one sniff of Versace Red Jeans on the back of the bus can whisk me back off to the hellish surroundings of my secondary school form class, one look at a picture of my dinner can bring back a whole ream of memories for me. I've had a marvellous time looking through my pictures of this year and have compiled for your pleasure the complete list of what I've been chowing down on this year in the hope that it might bring you some New Year food-spiration.

The beginning of the year is somewhat of a mystery to me food-wise given that I had to buy myself a new phone and, since Eat Liverpool did not yet exist, I couldn't get away with taking quite as many food pictures as I do now. What I do remember is that I finally got round to my first trip to Mowgli, we accidentally got Sunday drunk at Miyagi and I was very brave and went to stay in a hotel on my own in Manchester- for work reasons, of course.


Gin Festival

It's beGINning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, so I'm very much aware that my blog looks like some kind of shrine to gin at the moment. See here, or here. I promise you I do like other drinks. I will drink a vodka and coke when the mood strikes, maybe even a Malibu or a Bacardi on a special occasion. I drink wine, too. In my former years white and rose were drunk by the bottle and in my later years (now) I've started in on the red. But, if I'm being honest, I find nothing as refreshing or as drinkable as a Gin and Tonic.


GINgle Bells at Novotel

When I heard Novotel's across the country had a new range of Christmas cocktails my cold little ears pricked up. Christmas? Oh yes. Cocktails? OH yes. Even better- all of them made with gin and part of the new (aptly named) GINgle Bells Christmas Range. 

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