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Baking Bread

*Since posting this review Country Mile Kitchen have sadly closed*

Get ready to carb-up because it's Real Bread Week this week which is a full 7 days dedicated to buying your loaves from independent bakeries and, if you dare, baking your own. Now, while I'm not quite convinced that the loaves I can pick up from the supermarket aren't 'real bread', I am fully on board with any campaign that encourages people to shop locally or make their food from scratch, myself included.

If you follow my escapades on my Insta stories you'll know I'm no stranger to cooking. But bread is something I never make at home for two, very important reasons:

-Bread takes time and I am very impatient.
-Bread takes a light, careful touch and I am a bit (a lot) clumsy.

Despite this, when I got a message from Helen from Country Mile Kitchen asking me if I fancied having a go at making my own bread, I put my fears behind me and headed down to St Helens with the lovely Suzanne from Foodie Liverpool to see if I'd be able to knock up a loaf worthy of the Artisane shop window.

We spent a full day measuring, mixing, kneading, resting and shaping our loaves, led by Helen our resident expert. 


What's New, Liverpool?

What's New, Liverpool?

(Post title to be sung to the tune of Tom Jones' What's New Pussycat, of course)

2017 was a busy year with more new restaurant and bar openings that I can possibly recall. I'd love to recount each and every of of them but I only started this blog in the Summer and, well, I haven't got the time to trace back beyond that. So what's happening this year? We're only 2 months in and already we have bars, cafes and restaurants popping up all over the place. Fantastic news for the Liverpool food scene but not so great for my bank account (sorry, Santander). 

If you're wondering what's new this month and what we've got coming up this year then grab yourself a cuppa' and read on.


Almost Famous- New Menu Launch

The Feed Me & Tell Me I'm Pretty Party

It's a complete matter of opinion whether you think the Wonka-style burger creations at Almost Famous are fantastic or ludicrous. I'm a firm believer that they are both insane and delicious and we drop in for dinner more often than I'd care to admit. Whilst I've heard accusations that their burger inventions are more style over substance, I absolutely believe they taste as good as they look. In an attempt to prove it to you, I once brought my American cousins here and they claimed it was the best burger they'd ever eaten. Granted, they're from the Mid West, but it still takes some doing to convince two born and bred American boys that your burgers are the bomb.

Crucial kitchen roll for spillages

Silk Rd

Take a little walk down by the Liver Buildings today and you just might stumble upon Liverpool's latest addition to the tapas circle- Silk Rd. Tucked off in a little square behind Oh Me Oh My, Silk Road's vibrant new restaurant offers a haven for sun-seekers escaping the miserable February weather. Sit with a drink in hand, watch the rain drip down the huge glass walls and choose from a menu designed to whisk you off to anywhere in the world.


Dinner with Dad- Yukti ISF

I have many things to thank my dad for. Raising me, helping me with my homework, taking me on holiday and many, many years of being my taxi to and from various events (even now that I'm 26). But mostly, for raising me to appreciate good food and drink. As a rather fussy child he was the first person to make me eat a pizza, we were in Orlando and I was starving so I scoffed it down and never looked back. Likewise, in my later years I've picked up his insatiable red wine habit alongside his passion for a bit of spice. 

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