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*Since posting this review Izakaya on Castle Street have sadly closed their doors but are still trading in the markets.*

I might be showing my age here but there wasn't always anywhere decent to eat on Castle Street. It used to be just another road in the blank, beige business district of my youth, a road I'd only go down on my way down to somewhere much more exciting (Burger King). Now that I'm a technically a grown up I've realised Castle St is not only beautiful, it's also home to some of the absolute best spots in the city. I'm talking about the likes of  my beloved Bacaro, Santa Maluco, Mowgli and Neighbourhood
Look carefully in between these giants and you'll find the tiny, unassuming and effortlessly chic Izakaya.



If I started this post telling you how much of a Waga fan I've always been then I'd be lying. In truth, I'd only been once before a few years ago and I found the experience neither here nor there. However, with a new one having opened it's doors in the suburbs (Speke retail to you and me) I was invited down to try out the menu and I was fully interested to see what was on offer just a short drive from my front door.  In all honestly, I loved it. 



Pi on Rose Lane is a little gem of a place. It's small, cramped, dark and completely back to basics on the restaurant front but it is always heaving. They serve craft ales, pints, bottled beer and pies...and that's it. The beauty is in the simplicity my friends, especially when they serve proper Pieminister pies.

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