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Bite Club

The first rule of Bite Club is you do not talk about Bite Club. The second rule of Bite Club is... yeah you know the rest. I did swear to myself I wouldn't make that joke but I am who I am!

In any case, Bite Club is definitely one worth talking about since their range of take-away food options are putting the super in 'superfood' and making lunch times across the city healthy again.


Liverpool Pride 2018

With temperatures soaring, the Clipper boats on their way in to the docks and some of our best known buildings being lit up in rainbow colours in honour of the Liverpool Pride celebrations it's set to be a busy and exciting weekend for the city.

Liverpool Pride is a registered charity set up to combat Homophobia and Transphobia across Liverpool.  This year's theme is #alltogethernow and thousands of people are expected to join the celebrations in the City Centre this weekend, if you fancy being one of them you can find the full program of events here.


Pork Lovers Tour

I make no bones about the fact that I think pork is the best meat out there. In my opinion it is far superior to beef, miles better than lamb and there's no question it's better than chicken. In fact, my sentiment towards pork entirely echo that of number one pork-lover Jay Rayner who states in his book The 10 (Food) Commandments 'that thou shall honour thy pig. Or anybody else’s pig for that matter. Because everything is improved by the application of a little pig'. He's not wrong.


Liverpool's New Food Markets

As you may well know by now I love a good food market, mostly because it means I don't have to decide where to go for dinner and I get to pick the best bits of each menu and combine them to make the ultimate dinner combo. This month my usual haunt the Baltic Market have been busy celebrating their 1st Birthday with a huge party, music and Fanta Lemon Slushes (10/10 lads). Following on from the fantastic success of the Baltic you might have heard that we now have two more places competing for food market glory and they've both conveniently opened up within a week of each other!


5 Reasons to try Chilli Banana

When it comes to traditional Thai food in Liverpool it's hard to think of more than a handful of decent places. There are good some good family-friendly Thai options on the menu over at Yee Rah, and then there's Tiger Rock which will give you a whistle-stop street food tour of South East Asian cooking. But when it comes to naming destination Thai restaurants in Liverpool, Chilli Banana is the only one that springs to mind straight away.

Khao Soi- Curried Noodles in a Coconut Shell

Just Wings

I'll admit I was a little sceptical when I was asked to review the new Just Wings restaurant on Aigburth Road. Having no prior knowledge of the name,  I had of course pre-preemptively googled them and found out that it was a takeaway, existing already in three locations- Crosby, Southport and St Helens.  Now as much as your gal here loves a take-away, I just wasn't sure how I'd go about a full review.

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